Top 10 Animation Apps That Will Blow Your Mind (Latest)

top 10 animation apps for android

Are you a kind of creative person? Do you want an app in which you can create your cartoon? If yes, then you are in the right place. You see, the animation is everywhere. Students love to create their characters in their teenage for having great fun.

But the problem is that there are many animation apps in the market that you can’t pick one. You will get to see a lot of variety of apps available for animation purposes but choosing one from the heap is quite difficult. That is why we have created this post to narrow down your choice of animation apps which you can use anytime and easily.

Animation Apps For Android

The good thing is, that not only you can use these apps for fun but also use them to start a career as an illustrator. Yes, you have read it right, you can use these apps as a stepping stone for the beginning of a career as an illustrator. With the help of these amazing apps, not only you will be able to develop professional illustrator skills, but also become more creative.

So here are the top 10 animation apps that you are going to love.

1. Scribbl

Scribbl is one of the most popular animation apps withe the average rating of 4.4 stars. If you are looking to spice up your social media posts then Scribbl is best for it. You can draw amazing animations on your photos and videos and give spice to your Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. Scribbl makes video animations simpler, faster and fun. You can easily create an awesome effect just by drawing over your picture once.

Scribbl gives you a variety of tools that you can use on your photos and videos. Since there are many tools available within this app, it is your choice which tool to use and when. So what are you waiting for? Go download the Scribble animation app and show your crazy animations on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat to the whole world.

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2. Pixamotion

Pixamotion is another animation app that is popular worldwide. With this powerful app, you can create stunning visual imagery, live photos, live wallpapers, moving backgrounds, and themes. With all these creative features this animation app stands out from the crowd. You can create cool moving backgrounds for your smartphone and personalize your home screen.

Using amazing effects and filters you can quickly and easily turn your boring image into a live piece and create a sensation on your Insta profile. Nowadays, moving pictures are very popular and are creating a buzz on the Internet. With Pixamotion you can create your amazing moving picture and ride this trend.

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3. Alight Motion

Alight Motion is free to use with basic features. It also gives professional motion graphics tools that give professional-level animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video compositing, and video editing. All this can be done right from your smartphone once you have installed the Alight Motion – Video and Animation Editor. The app is very easy to use and also offers pro membership if you want to get more features and remove the watermark.

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4. Mozaik 3D App

This is a simple animation app with 3D animations. If you want a 3D animation app for your children then this app is best for you. Turn your children boring studies into an adventure. With the mozaik3D app, explore more than 1200 educational 3D scenes on your tablet or phone. Before using this app make sure you have an active internet connection because the constant connection to the web is required for this app to function.

This app is best for learning purposes as it provides unique help for learning. It contains educational animation scenes related to mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, history, geography, technology and many others. Using these visual arts you can turn to learn into an adventure for your children which gives wonderful results in the student interest in studies. These 3D scenes are mainly designed for students between 8 to 18 years of age. So go ahead and download this amazing app for your children to provide a unique help for learning at home in a very gentle manner.

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5. Draw Cartoons 2

As clear from the name itself, this animation app is for making cartoons. It is the easiest, exciting and fun and a fun way t express yourself through art. In the older days, making and production of cartoons was not an easy task but with Draw Cartoons 2, this complicated task has been made easy. With this app, anyone and everyone can easily create animations from scratch. You don’t have to have any previous knowledge of making and producing cartoons since this app is for beginners as well.

So not only the professionals enjoy using this app but also beginners like me can take advantage of this app and show their creative side to the world. You can either choose to create from scratch or you can select a template to start from. You can also add music and voice over to your created cartoons. Moreover, you can easily export your creation into an mp4 video format and share it with your friends.

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6. Platagon Story

After reading the name Platogon Story you may be thinking that this app is for making animation movies. You are correct in that case. This app indeed is used for making animation movies right from the comfort of your home. If you are looking to create your animation movie then this app is the best.

Here you create your actors, write your own story and simple press play. You can express your life experience with an animated movie and express it with the whole world. Platagon story gives you a platform to make yourself a celebrity. Not only yourself but your family, friends can also become part of your animation movie. You can voice over the animated movie and make the movie more adventures, fun and engaging.

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7. Pixel Studio

Pixel studio is one of the best animation applications not only for professionals but for beginners as well. The simple, fast and portable app allow you to create great-looking animations on the go. You can create animation and also export it to a GIF format. Nowadays, GIF is widely used for making conversation fun and engaging.

So with Pixel Studio, you can easily create a beautiful or fun GIF within few seconds. Why search for GIF videos when you can create your own with this amazing app. With this app, not only you have great customization features but also stunning filters to apply. You can also export your creation to other formats such as PNG, JPG, PSD.

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 8. Animation Amino for MAP

This app is like a social platform for animators around the world. With this app, you can create your animations and share them with other animators on the platform. This is the best and the fastest-growing community for Multi Animator Projects. Like all the other animation apps, here also you get to create an animation using your photos and videos. The projects shared on this app are full of inspiration for new creators as well as existing ones. You can use this app to expand your knowledge around animating and meet with other animators. You can also vote on your favorite project, get the latest news and updates using this app. This is perfect for those who are looking for a collaborator in their animation project.

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9. PicsArt Animator

To learn visual effects for everything from beginner to advanced level training this application is best. Here you can create animation with stickers and many other cool features. It is simple to use an animation app that allows you to make cartoon videos, animated gifs and funny doodles in a few steps. PicsArt contains a lot of animation features like duplicate frames, layers, fully equipped drawing tools, animation stickers, emoji and more.

You can draw frame by frame animations, draw on photos and make animated selfies. If you wish to create complex animations then you also have the option of multiple layers. Finally, you can save your animations as a video or GIF and share it on your social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. This app will also allow you to record sounds and voice overs for your animations. The emoji me feature of this app allows you to create your emoji.

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10. Text Animation Maker

This application is suitable for making text animated stories. Usually, these types of animations are created by using high-end professional software. You might have seen animators using expensive software to create an animation like these, but you don’t have to pay a single cent for this app. This app is free to use and create animations.

With Text Animation Maker, you can create your single video text animated story. You can quickly create an impact on your social media platforms by producing immersive text animated stories using this app. This app offers unlimited characters as well as 25 text animation styles that you can use. The final video can be exported as an mp4 format or as an animated GIF. If you are looking to share your video on Facebook or Instagram then looping the text animation is an added feature of this app.

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