3 Best Text To Speech Services That Are Reliable In 2020

In Today’s article, I will provide you list of the best text to speech services. I will list the items based on how realistic, natural they sound.

Over the internet, there are hundreds of text to speech products available. I have also seen some people using Google translate as a text to speech service. You may use the following speech services to produce YouTube videos if you are a non-native speaker and you don’t’ have a good accent in English.

Apart from that if you are in quest of searching for the best text to speech services on the Internet you might have came crossed plenty of them. Many of which you might have tried and found that they produced a reasonable quality of audio and the other ones simply don’t even work. In addition, you might have also been disappointed by the poor and robotic audio produced by those websites or Softwares.

You know this pretty well that people don’t like to hear robotic voices when they are watching a video, say educational and the voice is too robotic. With that said, you want your production videos to have a voice that sounds very much like a human talking in the video.

So, let me tell you what, the speech services described below are the ones that performed the best under my experimentation of producing that sounds very legit and as humanly as possible. This is all possible with the latest advancement in the technology field or AI(Artificial Intelligence) to be specific.

Today with the help of AI technology it’s possible to sound realistic by Robots. So without making any further chit-chat let’s jump to the list without any further delay.

Best Text to Speech Services

So here are the best text to speech services that you can try to make your YouTube videos or other production videos. The speech converters mentioned below are tested by me and have proven to be the best among all the other similar sites or products in the market. You can try each of them individually and see which one works the best for you.

With that said, the text to speech converting service that I mostly recommend and use is the first one. Although it is not free it provides a substantial amount of edge over the other free speech converts out there. I hope you will find it this way as well. So go ahead and choose the service that suits you the best.


It is a new text to speech converter in the market and it is crushing its competitors by providing natural sounds using its cutting edge AI technology. The second website on the list is also a good alternative to Synthesis but in my opinion, using Synthesis would be more good when you are looking for voice that sounds like a real human. You can read a full review of Synthesis by clicking this link.


Speechelo is new and crushing. The main advantage of speechelo if you can add breath, pauses, change the tone (Joyful, normal, or serious one).

Speechelo even allows you to control speech and pitch. I guess these things differentiate from robot voice to human voice.

However, it’s not free too. It will cost you one-time fees of $47. There are 2 upsells available as well. Inside the front version, you will get access to 30 different voices that can speak in 23 languages. It supports a couple of English accents, for example, American, UK, etc. For English, you will get a male, female, and kids voice option. Pro version that is an additional upgrade you will get access to 60 different voices.

There is 60 days money-back guarantee. In case any customer isn’t satisfied with the service.

It’s a cloud-based solution. You can download the final output as audio so you can use it with any editor to match with your video.

Google Text-to-Speech

I mention Google translate but here I’m not talking about Google translate. Google has a separate service for Text to speech. It’s completely free. However, you will get a lot of controls while producing your speechelo.

Click Here to Visit the page.

When you open this page you will see something like this.

Scroll down until you didn’t find the text area where you can type or paste your text.

There are few controls, for example, you can change the language or accent, pitch, and speed.

When you want the output to click on the Speak it button. It will take a few seconds then It will start speaking.

Google also provides API access. So you can automate the process.

Speechelo is mainly developed for creating videos while Google is more like blind people may be to use on the website.

There is no feature of adding pause, breathe, and controlling voice tune. That’s why it’s not good for longer videos.

With API you can get the final output without API you have to record on your computer because there is no download button.

I have seen some bloggers providing audio or their blog post. For that kind of purpose, Google is more suitable.

Animaker Voice

Animaker is a famous cloud-based solution for making animation videos. But they voice features as well. The Good news is It has a free version as well, you can download 5 files in a month. The reason for listing at the 3rd position is it still sounds like a robot. No doubt it’s better than other services except above two.

Similar to speechelo it allows you to add breath, pause, and put stress on words.

It’s another disadvantage is its cost is monthly not a fixed price. Paid plan starts at $19/month if you buy an annual subscription.

That will allow you 6 downloads while free version allows 5 downloads? That’s why I don’t recommend Animaker for text to speech.


With so many different choices today it’s more than easier and cheap to produce a voice over for your videos. But still, there is a slight difference between a robot and a human voice, that is obviously because the machine can’t be human. The same way humans can’t produce unlimited content in no time like the text to speech services.

I hope you like this article. If you have any questions or queries or you think that I miss an important tool to list here then let me know by the comment section.