Book Torrents: 51 Best Picked Sites To Download Free E-books


Book torrents are not rare to find these days but to find the right sites for torrenting books can be a difficult process for many. So to solve your problem of finding the best book torrent sites, I have compiled a list of all the top book torrent sites and many other resources, where you can find your favorite ebook for free.

An ebook is a textbook in a digital format that has all the contents of a textbook but digitally. Using an ebook can be very handy at times of traveling or sitting in a coffee shop. Not only ebooks bring ease of use but also comes with the convenience of reading it anytime, anywhere.

Free Book Torrent Sites | Free Ebook Downloading Sites

So here is my list of top torrent sites for downloading textbooks. I have shared many other tips and tricks as well which will help you to download the college textbook or the novel that you are looking for. Not only these resources will save you money but also your precious time. At the beginning of the list, I will be sharing a few sites to torrent books for free. Later in the post, I will be sharing tricks to find free ebooks on the other places of the Internet as well. So let us now begin with the list.


Thepiratebay torrent website is known to be the biggest torrent website in the world. Not only you will be able to find the latest textbooks and novels on this website but also a whole of other things such as movies, applications, games as well. Since the piratebay torrent website is blocked by many countries and service providers you will need to use a proxy website or a VPN to access the website. The link I have shared below of the piratebay website is a proxy site. I am able to access the website using proxy without any trouble. You can use a VPN if you are facing any restrictions when trying to access the website.

You can search for audiobooks, ebooks, comics, college textbooks, kids textbooks and a lot of other book torrents on the piratebay. Ebooks, comic books and audiobooks also have their dedicated section on the website that you can choose after going to the “Browse” section of the website.



The torrent downloads website is a great resource for downloading the latest ebooks for free. You will be able to find ebooks in epub, mobi, pdf formats on this torrent site. On the one hand, torrent downloads can be used to download any ebooks for free and on the other hand, you can use to download all the other stuff as well. Stuff such as movies, games, tv shows and many more.

Torrent downloads have a dedicated section for book torrents. The book section is nicely organized in three different categories, namely– Audiobooks, ebooks, magazines. These 3 subcategories of the books contain more than 150 thousand books. By the size of the book database at torrent downloads, you can pretty much guess that you will be able to find any book regarding your college or any other personal preference.

You can have a glance at the torrent speed by looking at the health of the torrent and the seeds and peers it has. This information is nicely presented before you on torrent downloads. So go ahead and pick the ebook that you are looking for from this book torrent site.



The next ebook torrent site on the list is Zooqle. This book torrent site consists of a wide variety of book torrents categorized in different sections. The interface of the site is not that great but you can easily navigate your way on the website. From the top, you get to see different icons of different torrents. The one with the little book represents the section where you can download all your book torrents. When you hover over that icon you will see that the site has book torrent categories such as– Audiobooks, magazines, textbooks, ebooks, comics, and others.

If you are looking for a textbook of a specific genre then you jump right into that respective section and find tons of free books to download from torrent. Before download the book torrent, you can also have a look at the content of the torrent by opening the torrent page. Other information about the torrent such as seeds, peers, size, date added are also visible to you.



I must say that this book torrent website has a very clean and very user-friendly design. I am really impressed with the nice and simple layout of this website. For downloading your book torrents you are going to love this site. Unlike some other book torrent sites that are cluttered with all sorts of crap here and there, this is the site where you will only be shown only what you are looking for.

As a matter of fact, this ebook torrent site is somewhat different from other ebook torrent sites on the list. On this site, you only get the magnet link for downloading the torrent and not the actual torrent file. Although, this is not a big deal as the magnet link is quicker than downloading and a torrent and then double-clicking on it to finally get a prompt on Bittorrent to start downloading it.

To download an ebook torrent from this website jump to the book section of the website where you will find a nicely presented and detailed list of all the book torrents. You can see the name of the ebook, size, and format. Simply click on the book torrent that you wish to download and then click on the “Download Torrent” button on the next page. At last, you will be given a magnet link to download your book. This torrent book site has all the details listed as well regarding the book that you are downloading. You can see statistics about the book which includes– format, size, print length, publisher, publication date, originally sold, language, and ASIN number as well.



The book torrents on the extratorrent website are divided into 11 subcategories which totally equates to more than 140 thousand. You get a massive collection of ebooks in a variety of formats such as pdf, mobi, epub. Audiobooks can also be downloaded from this website in mp3 formats. With its clean and easy to use interface you can find the right book in just seconds. The search bar at the top ensures that you can easily search for the book torrent that you are looking for. You can create a free account on this website if you wish to rate an ebook torrent or add a comment on it.



The website has a dedicated section for both the ebook torrents and audiobook torrents. You can have a distinct look at both the sections to easily find the required that you are searching for. Often times you might experience a database error while accessing this torrent site. But you don’t need to worry you can check the website later if you are experiencing the issue. Since the book torrents are organized in ebook and audiobook section you get to save your time by only visiting the section of book torrents that you want.

The torlock book torrent website has an extensive database of ebook torrents and audiobook torrents, you are always going to find the textbook that you are looking for on this website. Despite that, this site also asks you to use a VPN while downloading torrents. It links to the UltraVPN site but you can use any other VPN as well for surfing this site although it is not necessary for visiting this site.



Torrentfunk also has a huge collection of ebook torrents in its database. Although I didn’t like the design of the website very much, the website is still a great resource for locating the textbook for your college or the latest comic of your interest. You can locate all the ebook torrents in the ebook section of the website. The website adds a feature of searching through ebook torrents by alphabetical order as well. You can select the starting letter of the ebook title that you are looking for to bring it into the light as quickly as possible. Torrent filters like “Recently Added” and “Verified Only” are also available for you to make use of. If you are facing any difficulty when using torrentfunk website you can jump to the FAQ section of the website to see the most asked questions of the users.



After the shut down of the original kickass torrents website many alternative sits to kickass have emerged very quickly. These alternative websites are hosted by the same content that the original website had. So this means that you can find almost every torrent that you are looking for on this website since kickass torrents have been one of the largest torrent sites in history.

I have provided a link below to access the mirror website of the kickass torrents. You can check it out and download your favorite ebook by visiting the “Other” section of the website. Though this torrent website does not have a dedicated section related to book torrents, you can still find a great majority of ebooks and audiobook torrents on it. In just seconds you can locate your ebook torrent by entering a search term in the search bar. You can also see the top and popular ebooks on the website by visiting the “Other” section on the “Popular” and “Top” category of the website.



I have been using this site for quite a long time. I find it easy to navigate this website and find the torrent that I am looking for. Usually, I use lime torrents for downloading movies and ebook torrents. It has a plethora of ebook torrents. The book torrents on the website are divided into distinct categories like– audiobooks, comics, and ebooks. You can download your favorite ebook using the magnet link on the website or by the torrent file that you can download from lime torrents. This book torrent website also has a feature to add a book torrent in your bookmark, but for that, you will have to create a free account on the website. Voting an ebook torrent or adding a comment to it are few additional perks that you get with a free member account.



The 1337x also sometimes referred to as LEETX is a torrent website that offers a huge variety of torrents in its catalog. Amongst all the other torrents, the website offers ebook torrents as well. Though you won’t be able to find a dedicated section to book torrents, still a wide majority of textbooks are available to download on this website for free.

I am sure that you are going to really love the design of the website. I do because the design and the colors used on this website are very premium looking. You will feel like you are browsing a premium torrent site when you are on 1337x. Despite the fact that this book torrent site has an amazing looking interface it does show annoying ads as well. You can burn yourself up when using this website if you don’t use an Adblock plugin. The website sometimes shows very sexual ads that you might not like. Apart from that, you can find ebooks in different formats and your favorite audiobooks as well on this website.



The website has a lot of ebook torrents hosted on it. You will be able to download your favorite novels and college textbooks from it very easily. You might not find the design of the website very pleasing but it does allow you to easily navigate your way through. In the “Other” section of the website, you will find the collective torrents of educational tutorials, ebooks, comic books, audiobooks, magazines, and many others. Though this is not the best torrent site for books, still you can use it as a resource for downloading books. In addition, you will only get a magnet link for your ebooks on this website. So if you want to download the torrent file for your book then you can visit any other book torrent site listed here.



Torrentz is not a book torrent website itself but a search engine. You can search any of the book titles on this website and will show the results of the best torrent sites where you can download that book from. The website has a very clean design and on the homepage, it only has a search bar. You can enter your search term in the search bar and hit “Search” to begin locating your ebook torrent. All the above-listed torrent sites and many others are included in the backend of the torrentz website when you make a search on it. Torrentz website has 31,102,502 active torrents in index from 125,464,743 pages on 26 domains.



Skytorrents is a search engine made just for torrents. Like torrentz, skytorrents indexes torrents from different torrent websites and add them to its index for easy search. The look of this website is very modern and the collection of torrents that it indexes is huge. You can search for your favorite ebook torrent or favorite audiobook torrent using this website search feature.

With its clean interface and anonymity features, you are bound to get a good user experience on this website. The skytorrents website does not have any kind of trackers or cookies features enabled to sell your data to anyone. Though the website is still in the development phase but still manages to offer a great number of torrents to search from. Every hour hundreds of new torrents are constantly being added into the website index so that you get to experience the best torrent search engine.


So above are the best book torrenting sites. The above book torrents are very reliable and almost any book torrent can be easily found on them. But still, if you are not finding what you are looking for then you should keep reading. Because in the remaining list, I am going to share with you other resources and tricks that will allow you to download your desired textbook for free. So here we go.

Using Simple Google Search

You can simply type on Google the name of your book and the file format in which you want it to be. Like you can search “Introduction to Java download”.

For your reference, you can use the following syntax.

“name_of_the_book” + download.

Instead of download, you can also use epub, “.epub”, mobi, “.mobi”, pdf, “.pdf”.

Using Advanced Google Query

You can use google to find a free ebook. You just need to know how it is done. So here is what you need to do. Type the following into the search bar of Google.

filetype:pdf “<book_name_goes_here>”

In the place of “<book_name_goes_here>” type the title of the book that you are searching for.

For example filetype:pdf “Networking for dummies”

After searching this query, you will get search results of those websites only that has the actual pdf inside them. You just need to visit the search result page website and download your book from them.

With this trick, you can find the majority of your college textbooks, comic books and other books in no time.

The site contains an extensive list of free ebooks in various formats. If you are not able to access this website then you must use a VPN to open it. This is because the website is restricted in some countries.

You can look for your desired textbook or comic book using this website. The website has a collection of more than 2 million books and more than 500 thousand comic books. In addition, you can also use this website for your research as it also contains close to 3 million articles in its database.

This is the website that I use the most when I want to download an ebook that is present on Amazon. You simply need to put the title fo the book in the search bar and then hit Search. You will be presented with different ebook formats that you can choose from. Another link for accessing this same website is


This site is mainly for downloading books regarding to Information Technology. On this website, you can easily find books related to networking, website development, programming, and many other IT related fields. The website has a huge collection of IT ebooks that are freely available for anyone to download. The new books are also regularly added.


From this website, you get to choose from an extensive array of books. Since the website has a huge collection of ebooks, they are all categorized for your ease of looking. The categories on this websites are:

  • Architecture
  • Animals related
  • Artbooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Biographies
  • Business
  • Comics
  • Cooking and Diets
  • Cultures / Languages
  • Databases and SQL
  • Encyclopedia, Dictionary
  • Engineering Technology
  • Gambling
  • Games related
  • Graphic Design
  • Hardware
  • History / Military
  • Novel
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Mobile eBooks Readers
  • Music-related
  • Programming
  • Web Development
  • Politics, Sociology
  • Poetry
  • Personality
  • Religion-related
  • eLearning
  • Science
  • Security-related
  • Software related
  • Sports
  • Travel Guides
  • Others






















Free Ebook Download

Academic Torrents

Planet Ebook


Custom Google Search Engine For Ebooks

Here is the link to a custom Google search engine specifically designed for searching ebooks.

The following are the websites that are included in the index of the above custom search engine.


Rundown: Free Book Torrent Sites

So above are the collection of resources where you can download free ebooks. In the beginning, I have shared a few torrent sites where you can download free ebook torrents. Later on the list, I have listed the top sites for downloading books for free. You can either use the torrent sites for downloading ebooks and audiobooks or use any of the other free sites for downloading ebooks. It is all your choice to choose from this extensive list of sites. At last, I would encourage you to share your favorite site in the comment section to download free textbooks. This will help all the college students and other people as well who are looking to download their desired ebook online.