How To Hack Google Dinosaur Game [Latest Cheats]

How To Hack Google Dinosaur Game [Latest Cheats]

You know that when you don’t have access to the Internet, you see can play the dinosaur game in chrome. This t rex game can be very fun and engaging when you don’t have access to the Internet.

So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you an amazing hack for the google dinosaur game. I bet you don’t know about these google dinosaur game cheats.

So here we go.

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Google Dinosaur Game Hack

Until now you might be thinking that this game can only be played when you have no Internet.

But you are wrong.

Here’s how to play the game even if you have an Internet connection.

Simply type–chrome://dino/ into the URL section of your chrome browser and hit enter.

t rex game hacked

You can see the dinosaur game appeared.

So now let’s do some hacks with this game.

Cheat Number 1: No Obstacles

1. Now, right-click anywhere and select inspect from the menu. You can also do Ctrl+Shift+I.

inspect element

2. By default, you’ll have the Elements tab opened, but we don’t have any work here, for now. So just open the tab right next to it, which is Console.

3. In the console section. Type the below given 2 commands one by one.


Runner.instance_.playingIntro = true;

trex game cheat 1

Once you run these commands and play the dinosaur game, you’ll see that the t rex will have no obstacles in front of it. So no more cactus’ to jump around… This was the cheat number 1.

To make the game normal simply type the command–Runner.instance_.playingIntro = false;

back to normal

You’ll see that you can play the game as before.

Cheat Number 2: No Game Over

In the console section simply type this command and hit enter.

Runner.instance_.gameOver = function(){};

trex game cheat 2

When you’ll play the game after running this command, you’ll notice that the obstacles have no effect on the dinosaur. The t rex will be able to blaze through all the cactus and obstacles without getting the game over.

Cheat Number 3: The Mario

This is the most interesting cheat of google chrome dinosaur game. When I first discovered this cheat I was amazed by knowing that we can change the t rex character to some other character too.

So here is how it is done.

1. Go to the Elements tab by simply clicking on it.

2. Now look for the image tag with id offline-resources-1x. See in the image below where to find it.

changing the image src

3. Once you find the desired section change the src value to “” as you can see in the image above.

4. Hit enter and play the game… and voila…

dinosaur to mario (game cheat 3)

Rundown: Google Dinosaur Game Hack

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So, this was all about the google chrome no internet game. But now you know you to play this game even when you have an Internet connection.

You also have discovered some cheats for the game which you can try and show off in front of your friends. Your friend will be amazed.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post if you have any suggestion please leave a comment below. I looking forward to hearing from you.

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