How To Hack Facebook Accounts: The In-depth Guide [2019]

how to hack facebook accounts

Hello friends, in this post you will learn how to hack facebook accounts. These are the real ways to hack Facebook accounts. But if you are looking for a magic trick or a website that will hack facebook account then I hate to break this to you that no such tool exists.

You already know that Facebook is the largest online community which is growing rapidly over the years. According to wikipedia, there are 1.74 billion mobile active users on Facebook.

Although there is no sure fire way to hack facebook accounts, certainly there are some tricks that you can use to get the facebook account password. In this guide, you are going to learn the same.

But before beginning let me warn you!

These methods are only intended for educational purposes only. Don’t try to hack into Facebook accounts that you don’t own or don’t have permission to hack. These methods are shared here because you can discover how an Fb id can get hacked even if the Facebook itself is very secure.

Beware Of The Fake Websites!

On the Internet, there are many fake websites that claim to hack Facebook accounts with the username.

But believe me, these websites are just there to steal your money.

These sites pretend that they have some unique kind of techniques that help them to crack the password of any Facebook account. But these kinds sites are just there to scam you!

So, my advice would be to not fall into the trap of giving your money to these scam sites.

Usually, the sites that claim to hack Facebook accounts use only the username of the Facebook id holder. They ask you to fill the username in the box and then click on hack Facebook button and they’ll get you the password cracked.

After showing you the screen that says the password cracking is in progress the site will ask you for the payment details. They will pretend that they have already hacked the FB account password but will only reveal it if and only if you pay them.

This is all BS.

Never fall trap into these things and never ever pay to a person or site that claims to hack Facebook accounts just by using the username.

I’ve read somewhere on the Internet that Facebook user’s password can be cracked even if a hacker gets access to the physical servers of Facebook. They take the security of their users very seriously.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the password of a facebook account. It just means that it is not an easy task.

If you want to hack a person’s Facebook account, it totally depends on the knowledge of that person. If he/she is aware of these tactics used by hackers then you won’t be successful. But you know the thing is that only a few us take the security of our online accounts seriously.

So that means there is a huge percentage that you can get a person FB id hacked.

If you follow these methods you can hack a person’s Facebook account.  These are the methods that are 100% working if you want to hack an FB id. This is a step by step guide that will show you to hack Facebook accounts in real ways.

So, enough of chit-chat let’s come straight to the point.

How To Hack Facebook Accounts

We are going to discuss the following methods to hack facebook accounts.

Method 1. Using The Phishing Tactic

You probably have heard about this method.

In this, we create a page that looks exactly like the real Facebook home page but actually it isn’t. Then we send that fake page to the victim and social engineer the victim to fill the details. Once the user is tricked into filling his or her username and the password you get to see both of them from your report of hacked accounts.

Previously, a site called anomor was very famous for hacking facebook accounts using an android phone. But nowadays it’s not working anymore. I’ve found another phishing site that does the same work.

Here we are going to use the z-shadow website to create a phishing website. This website will look exactly the same as the original website but you know that it is not an original website but your victim probably doesn’t.

If you have read my guide on how to hack Instagram accounts then you are already familiar with this site. The website URL is

I’mg discussing this method first because it is the easiest method to hack facebook accounts. Among all the Fb hacking techniques phishing is the simplest and most of the people fall into the trap if done strategically.

Phishing enables anyone with no or little technical knowledge to hack account’s password easily in just a few minutes.

So here is step by step guide on hacking FB id’s using phishing method

1. First of all, go to the website Once the website is opened sign up for a new account. Click on the big blue button that says Sign Up Here.

2. Next, you’ll need to fill out all the details in the Sign Up Form. The details such as username, email, password are required in order to create an account on z-shadow.

filling the sign up form of z-shadow

Apart from that, you don’t have to choose your correct age and country. You can leave it as it is or if you would like to change it then you can do that too. Also, if you don’t like to fill your email address for the sign-up process then you can create a temporary email address. Just visit the website and you’ll get your temporary email address.

Once you’ve filled all the details as per your satisfaction verify yourself by clicking on the captcha button. When the captcha is verified you can then hit the sign-up button.

3. On the next screen, you’ll see all your details that you just filled and will be automatically logged into your account.

4. Now the real part is to get your facebook hack phishing link. To get the FB phishing link look for the title that says Facebook Home in the first column. As you can see in the image below to get the English version of the Facebook, I’ve clicked on the English button.

copy your phishing page link from z-shadow

You can choose any other language if you want to. Just hover on your preferred language button and copy the link.

5. I opened my phishing link in a new tab and you can see how it looks. A normal person would not be able to state the difference between a real facebook login page and a fake page.

opening the facebook phishing page link

6. Your last step would be sending this phishing link to your victim. Now it totally depends on your creativity that whether your victim will use your link to sign up for Facebook or not.

You can send the link on WhatsApp and say that Facebook had launched a new scheme that gives you free mobile data or money. Or you can try saying that Facebook has launched a new feature that can only be activated if you sign up using the link.

I then entered details into my own phishing page and you can see that I got the facebook password hacked. All the hacked passwords will be available to you in the victim section.

the facebook password is now hacked

I think you got the idea. Now push your own creativity through words to get as much sign up’s through your link.

Method 2. Checking For Saved Passwords

You know, nowadays we have lots of accounts online on different websites. So it is kind of hard to remember all the passwords, especially if all of them are different. Modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari gives us an option to save passwords into the browser.

It might be the case that your victim has saved his or her FB account password into the browser. If you are a close friend to the victim or have access to the device or computer on which your victim use the Facebook, then you can try this method.

If the victim had saved the password then within a few seconds you can find the password and username. So here is how to implement this method on Google Chrome. The procedure to reveal the password is same across all other browsers.

1. First of all, go to If the victim is logged in then you can simply click on the log out button.

2. Then you’ll be taken back to the official homepage of Facebook. There you can see the username and password is already filled in. Remember this will be the case only if your victim has chosen to remember the password.

go to the login page of facebook

3. If that is the case then simply right click inside the password field and click on Inspect Element.

right click on password field and select inspect

4. A window will open on the right side of the browser with a bunch of code. You just have to find the line as shown in the image.

change the password to text

5. Once you have located that particular line you just have to change one value. Change the type of value from password to text and hit enter and boom.

now the hidden password is revealed

You’ll now be able to see the hidden password. This method is very easy and only takes a few seconds to minutes to get the FB password. The downside of this method is that you have access the victims device in order to get the password.

Anyways, this method is worth giving a shot.

Method 3. Resetting The Password

This is yet another easy method to hack someone’s facebook account. It definitely is one of the simple methods but it requires access to the phone number which was is linked with the victim’s account.

This method will only work if you are friend with the person whose account you want to hack. To hack facebook accounts using this method you’ll have to follow the below steps.

1. Go to the facebook website homepage on your mobile phone.

2. The second step would be to click on the forgot password button. Then to find the account, Facebook will ask you to enter the email address or the phone number associated with the account. So, if you are friend with the person then you probably do have his/her phone number. Use that number to search for the account.

find the account first by entering the phone number

3. Once facebook finds the account choose the option to Send code via SMS. Then hit the continue button.

choose the reset option

4. The password reset code will be sent on the mobile number and you will have to enter that code into the box. This is the hardest part, getting the code. You can borrow your friend’s phone for a few moments and read the code and then delete the message. Enter the code into the verification box and create a new password.

Also, once the new password is set don’t choose the option to log out from all the other devices. If you do that it will alert the victim and it will result in victim changing the password. Just select the option that says stay logged in all the devices.

By this way, you can easily get the password of a facebook account. Again this method will only work if you have access to the phone number or the email address of the account holder.

Method 4. Using A Keylogger

A keylogger is a software program when installing on a system saves every key pressed on the keyboard. Generally, when you install a keylogger on anyone’s device it is not visible to anyone. You have to press specific keys to get access to the saved keystrokes logs. As soon as you install a keylogger on a device it automatically starts recording every key press made on the keyboard. You can also set a keylogger to send you saved keystrokes report via email.

So here is one keylogger app that you can use on an Android device. With this method, you can hack facebook account using an Android phone. So here is what you have to do.

This method requires an app called ispytracker. This spy app comes with various features including a built-in keylogger. When you install this app on the victim’s phone you can monitor all the keystrokes made on that phone. Your mission is to install the app on the victim’s phone. Once that’s done the app will be invisible to the victim. Depending on various things such as how often the person logs in and out his/her Facebook account, you’ll get the password sooner or later.

But to try this method make sure you have the victim’s phone in your possession for a few moments.

1. Open the play store app in the victim phone and search for the term ispytracker using the search box. The app will look like shown in the image below. Click on the Install button to download and install the app.

2. Once you have the app ready, signup for a new account. I’ll advise you to make the account on your device first. This will allow you to simply fill out the login details when you are installing the app on the victim phone. This will save you time and will not raise any suspicion.

When you sign up for the first time you’ll receive the registration code and your password in your email. So check your email after signing up. Then use your username and password for logging into the account on the victim’s phone.

3. Then choose the device type on which you are installing the app. I want to install on Android, so I choose Android.

4. Now simply choose the option that says “Yes. I will download the spy app directly on the device and install it.”

5. Next step will be to download the app ikeymonitor and install it on the device.

6. It will ask for your registration code. You can get that from the email that you have received when you signed up.

7. Now the app is successfully activated and you can monitor not only the keystrokes but also many other things.

8. You can check all the things either from the app itself or the web view. You can click on the keyStrokes in the app itself to see all the logged keystrokes which were saved after installing this app.

Method 5. By Guessing Password

So, if you are still banging your head around and could not hack into any facebook account then you can try guessing the password. As I mentioned earlier in this digital era every person has more than one online account. Most of the people don’t want to put a burden on their brain and use the same password across all their networks and online accounts. You can take advantage of this fact and try guessing the password.

I’ve seen people who use their smartphone password as their facebook account password.

So if you know the password of someone’s smartphone you can try that to hack facebook account. Also, it may be the case that you know the password of another online account that your victim uses. There are very high chances that he/she will be using the same password across all his/her online accounts. You can try that password and try logging into the facebook account. If you are lucky you’ll get the facebook hacked of your victim.

Also, some people use their nickname as their password or their date of birth as their password. You have nothing to lose when guessing the password and if you are lucky enough you are going to hack facebook account successfully. To just give you an idea here are the few most commonly used passwords by people who don’t take their online presence serious.

Most common passwords

  • Mobile Number
  • Nickname/Name and Date of Birth Conjunction
  • Boy Friend’s Mobile Number/Girl Friend’s Mobile Number – Most of the lovers
  • Girl Friend’s/Boy Friend’s Name – Most of the lovers
  • Boy or Girl Friend Name Combination
  • Bike Number
  • House Number
  • Unused/Old Mobile Number
  • Pet Name

Method 6. Using The Browser’s Autosave Feature

So, here is what you need to do in order to hack the victim’s username and password. The process is very simple but it is very powerful if you use it in a strategic way.

I remember one of my friends hacked my facebook account using this method. I borrowed his phone for checking a few messages on facebook. Back then the opera mini browser was very popular in Nokia java phones.

So I signed up using the opera mini browser and I was not aware that he has enabled the autosave feature. After a few days of hacking my facebook account, he told me that he knows my facebook password. I was amazed at how he did that. He then told me the whole story. So the point is these are the real ways used by hackers, so if you do it right you’ll get the facebook password. So here is how to enable the autosave feature in most popular browsers.

Autosave Feature In UC Browser

1. Open the UC browser and navigate into the Settings and then click on Browsing Settings.

click on browsing settings in uc browser

2. In the Browsing Settings, you’ll see an option of Forms and Password. Select that option and change it to Auto Save.

select the autosave option

That’s it, now all the passwords will be automatically saved.

reveal the password by clicking on show

You can reveal the saved password by just visiting the login page of facebook. The clicking on the show button in the password field. So this is another method to hack into facebook accounts.

Save Passwords In Opera Mini

In opera mini, the save password feature is enabled by default. In case you are using the opera mini and this feature is not enabled then you can Navigate to Settings–>Advanced–>Save Passwords. 

Enable the Save Passwords button.

Remember Passwords In Chrome, Firefox, Safari

If you are using chrome then you might know that it always ask you to save a password. But, we don’t want that. In the newer versions of chrome, you no longer have an option to automatically or force save the passwords. In the earlier versions of the chrome browsers, people used a hack to force save the passwords.

So if you are using an older version of chrome then you can easily implement this trick. Even if you are using the latest version then what you can do is uninstall the current version an install an old version.

The version that was released in 2016 has this functionality. There are lots of the site where you can find that just make a search on google. So here is how to do that.

1. First of all, open the google chrome browser and in the URL box type: http://chrome://flags. This will open the experimental features of chrome.

2. Now press CTRL+F and search for the term: force saving of passwords.

3. When you find the right option, you’ll see a button that says default. You have to click on it to enable it and then relaunch the browser.

From now onward the passwords will be saved automatically. This way you can hack your friends Facebook accounts very easily.

Rundown: How To Hack Facebook Accounts

So this was all about hacking FB accounts. These are the real methods that are used by hackers to hack account of Facebook users or any other platform. There is no software or a hacking tool that will just spit out the password just by filling a username. I advise you to not waste your time in search of such hacking tools because it does not exist.

When I didn’t have any knowledge of online security, I also searched on the Internet for facebook hacking software and facebook hacking websites. Believe me, I have tested a lot of them in search of finding if they were real.

I remember once I found software on the Internet that claims to hack facebook passwords within a few minutes. I downloaded the software and filled my FB username and it cracked the password, it asked me to pay some amount to actually get the data. From that day, I figured out that this ain’t’ real thing. No such tool or website exists.

fake facebook hacking websites

Also, you can find a website that claims to provide hacking services. They will ask you to fill a survey and complete it before they can start the hacking process.

survey to hack facebook account

But you know what, these surveys will never end and you’ll keep spinning your wheels. So the bottom line would be not to waste your time searching for these websites. These things are there only in the intent of making money from common people, so don’t fell in the trap.

I hope you like this in-depth guide on hacking facebook accounts. Again, please don’t use these tricks for malicious purposes. Understand that these are the ways in which your Facebook account can be compromised. You can now be proactive in figuring out to these attacks when made against you.

Also, share this post with your friends and make them aware of these ways. If you have any questions please comment below.

I would be happy talking to you!