How To Hack Instagram Accounts: Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Hack Instagram

Hello, friends in this comprehensive post I’m going to show you different methods with the help you which you can hack Instagram accounts.

I’ll also be sharing with you some counter-measures to ensure that your Instagram account does not fall into the wrong hands using these methods.

Before moving on forward I just want to make you aware that this post is strictly for the educational purpose don’t misuse these methods and hack Instagram account in order to harass someone. Use this only for pranking with your friends or family.

Do not try this to hack someone’s Instagram account that is not your family or friend. Although you can use these methods to know where the security breach occurs and how to stay safe from all those security breaches.

Use these methods to secure your Instagram account and as well as your friends and families Instagram accounts. With that said let’s dive right into it.

How To Hack Instagram Account


I remember when I used to search on the Internet on how to hack an Instagram account, Instagram account hack, hack Instagram without survey and I was presented with some dumb website that claims that they can hack Instagram accounts in a matter of seconds.

But that my friend is not certainly true. I’m pretty sure that you must have also come across these kinds of sites which claims to work but does not work.

I’m sorry to break this to you that you just can’t hack Instagram account simply by using any person’s Instagram username and filling on these sites.

But there are certain ways which will help you hack Instagram account easily depending on how much someone cares about his or her online accounts security.

But first, let me show you how I debunked these fake sites which claim to hack Instagram accounts. Although there are many fake sites that says that they can hack Instagram accounts in seconds.

But, I tested the widely popular site– to show you that these sites don’t do a jack to hack Instagram accounts.

See below how I debunked instahax0r:

1. I went to the instahax0r site and filled my Instagram username in the input form. As per the instructions you just need to input the username of the person’s Instagram account which you are willing to hack and the password will be cracked.

2. On the next screen, I was shown show the following screen which says that the password cracking is in process. I waited few moments.

3. After 100% completion, an alert box said that the password was hacked successfully and I just need to complete the human verification.

4. I clicked to get verification code and then I was asked to complete an offer in order to get the verification code. I tried completing the offers but these offers never complete and you never get the verification code.

Sometimes when getting the verification code instead of displaying offers it says that offers are now available in your country and ask you to copy paste the comment that they have given to the respective videos.

They claim after you have completed these steps you will get the verification code in just 15 minutes. But believe me, I commented on every single video that they said and submitted my youtube username and email and then waited.

After 30 minutes I check my inbox and I saw no mail from instahax0r.

I’m sure that now you will not fall into the trap of these kinds of fake websites. By that way, I deleted all the comments I had made on those videos after confirming that this website is totally fake.

You can see fake comments about this website on youtube but don’t believe in them and waste your time using this website.

So enough of these fake websites let’s discuss the meat and potatoes of this post i.e. how to hack Instagram account.

Basically, you can hack Instagram account using following methods:

1. Using Phishing

Phishing is just a social engineering tactic in which you try to kind of scamp people. It’s like tricking people into giving their confidential information to you that they would not normally give.

In a Phishing attack, the Attacker tries to impersonate himself as a trusted authority and tries to lure information such as login credentials of a social account or getting bank account details, etc.

Here we are going to use the z-shadow website to create a phishing website. This website will look exactly the same as the original website but you know that it is not an original website but your victim probably doesn’t.

1. So, first of all, you need to create an account on the z-shadow .info website.

2. After creating your account you will be automatically logged into your account. If not you easily log in from the left sidebar by filling your username and password.

3. When you are into your account navigate to the 3rd page and copy the Instagram link as shown in the image.

4. Now send this link to anybody whose Instagram password you want to get. When the victim will open the site it will look like this.

As you can see that this website looks exactly like the Instagram website but have a look at the URL of this page. This is called a phishing page.

5. Now, whenever anybody tries to login into their account the username and password they used to log in will be sent to you. See in the image below:

6. Voila! you hacked an Instagram account.

Now, this trick totally dependent upon your creativity of tricking people to sign in into their Instagram account using your link. So be creative and prank your friends with this trick.

2. Forgot Password Method

This method is available for almost all of the online accounts, but the setback while hacking Instagram account using this method is that you need to get access to the phone number through which the Instagram account was created.

If you have in your possession the phone number of the person whose Instagram account you want to hack then you are good to go.

1. Open Instagram on your PC or the mobile phone. Click on the Get help with Signing in button.

2. On the next screen enter the username of the person’s account you need to hack.

3. Then select Send an SMS message.

4. The message will be sent to the number through which the Instagram account was registered. If you are thinking to try this method then you surely have access to the phone somehow. You just need to open the link in the message.

5. Then you will be being asked to enter your new password. Now choose your desired password and then click on the tick mark on the top right corner.

And yes, now you have successfully hacked the Instagram password.

3. Checking Saved Passwords

Many browsers give us the option to save the password for our online accounts for easy login. You can take advantage of this feature and try this method to hack Instagram account.

This method will work if the person whose Instagram account you need to hack has his/her password saved in the browser. But of course, you need access to his/her computer for this method.

If your situation satisfies these two conditions then you are good to go and you can easily get the Instagram password of that person.

You simply need to follow the following steps. It will take less than 30 seconds to get the password with this method.

1. Got to the Instagram homepage.

2. Click on show button in the password area.

3. Now you got the password.


4. Using A Spy App

In this method, we are going to use a software called ispytracker. What this spy software does is when installing on the victim’s phone (in this case the phone whose Instagram account you need to hack) you can easily monitor all the keystrokes of that phone.

Now depending on how often the person logs in and out his/her Instagram account sooner or later you are going to get the password. But to try this method make sure you have the victim’s phone in your possession for few moments.

1. First of all download the ispytracker app from the google play store.

2. After downloading the app open the app and signup for an account. You will receive the registration code and your password in your mailbox. So check your email after signing up. Then use your username and password for logging in.

3. Then choose the device type on which you are installing the app.

4. Now select the first option that says “Yes. I will download the spy app directly on the device and install it.”

5. Now you need to download the app ikeymonitor and install it. You can follow the official documentation for installing the app without any trouble.

6. It will ask for your registration code. You can get that from the email that you have received earlier.

7. Now the app is successfully activated and you can monitor not only the keystrokes but also many other things.

8. You can check all the things either from the app itself or the web view. You can click on the keyStrokes in the app itself to see all the logged keystrokes which were saved after installing this app.

5. Guessing

If you can’t get the password from above methods then you can always try your best guess for the password. Nowadays every person has multiple accounts online.

So most of the people tend to use the same password across all their online accounts and sometimes even on their smartphones locks.

So if you know the password of someone’s smartphone you can try that as an Instagram password or if you know the password of some other online account of that person you can try that one and chances are you are going to guess the password right (if that person does not have much knowledge about online security).

Also, some people use their nickname as their password or their date of birth as their password. You have nothing to lose when guessing the password and if you are lucky enough you are going to hack Instagram account successfully.


Rundown: How To Hack Instagram Account


So these were the few tactics which you can use to hack Instagram account. If you have any doubt or question feel free to comment below.

Note: There are also some website that claims to hack Instagram account if you first complete a survey. These websites will just waste your time and leave you nowhere. There are two reasons for that, firstly the survey never completes or even if you complete a survey you will not be able to hack someone’s Instagram account.

The Instahackgram website also claims to provide an apk file that can hack Instahackgram. The Instahackgram app is more of a prank app than a real hacking app. You can read more about Instahackgram on my blog.

These websites are totally fake and are just created to make money from the surveys you complete. So beware of these websites.

Thier are no straightforward ways to hack someone’s Instagram account. These are the methods that are widely used by hackers to hack Instagram accounts.

Also, see this article as an educational purposes only. Do not hack Instagram account for the intention of causing any harm to the person. Use it only for strengthening your online security.


Countermeasure: How not to get your Instagram account hacked


1. Turn on 2-step authentication. You can do this via Settings >> Two-factor authentication.

2. Don’t log into websites that do not provide a secure connection. That means always look for https:// when you are trying to log into your account.

3. Avoid using modded applications or hacked/cracked applications. They may contain keyloggers that can monitor all your keystrokes and hence bringing your security at stake.

4. Do not use the same password, security question and answer for multiple online accounts.

5. Do not use the names of your families, friends or pets in your passwords. Also do not use house numbers, phone numbers, birthdates, ID card numbers and other general things that can be easily guessed.

By the way, if you are a complete beginner in the world of hacking then you must read all the articles in the hacking section. I have also written an ultimate guide for beginners for starting in the world of hacking.