How To Install Parrot OS: Turn Your PC Into A Hacking Machine

How To Install Parrot OS Turn Your PC Into A Hacking Machine

Hello friends, in this post, you will learn how to install parrot os on PC. I will be discussing two methods of installing parrot os on your desktop PC. The first method is by using virtualization and another is dual booting parrot OS with your primary OS (Windows 7, 8, 10). In the second method, I will be showing you how to install parrot os on USB.

So let’s dive right into it and have a look at how you can install parrot os on your PC using these two methods.

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So, enough of chit-chat let’s come straight to the practical work…

But First Of All, What Is The Parrot OS

I know, if you are reading this article then you are already familiar with what Parrot OS is. But just to clarify, Parrot OS is a Linux-based distribution that is specially designed for penetration testing purpose.

Or in a layman language, you can say, that it is an Operating System having lots of hacking tools.

The Parrot security OS comes preinstalled with a large number of hacking tools. Having soo many tools available at your disposable makes it a great platform to get a headstart in the hacking world.

Also, there are many other Linux distributions which are used for penetration testing. The most commonly known of such distribution is the Kali Linux.

Kali Linux Hacking OS Running In Live Mode

Kali is the most popular Linux distribution for all the security and penetration testing stuff. Although Kali is widely used by many professional hackers, many people still prefer to use Parrot Os.

Many people use Parrot security because they like its User-Interface or maybe they find Parrot OS is more efficient in terms of resources it requires.

In my case, I wanted to try Parrot OS, because I have never used it before and I also kind of like its interface.

So the bottom line is that if you have a limited amount of RAM or have an old processor, you must try installing Parrot OS and dual booting it with Windows. Since the Operating System requires very less RAM and Hard disk space you will notice that it runs very smoothly even on old desktop computers.

Also, I want to clear one thing straight away. It does not matter whether you choose Kali or Parrot for penetration testing, all the basic stuff is the same. In fact, for hacking and penetration purpose you can use any Linux based Operating System such as Ubuntu, etc.

ubuntu for hacking and penetration testing

That means you can use any Linux distribution on your PC and use it for penetration testing after installing the required tools (if the distribution you choose don’t have them preinstalled).

For example, you can use the Ubuntu OS for penetration testing.

But in this case, you first need to figure out which tool to use, from where and how to download it and how to install and configure it.

That’s why we use penetration testing distributions which comes with lots of hacking tools preinstalled so that we don’t need to worry about installing tools and setting things up.

This is how Parrot OS looks like:

how to install parrot os in live mode

screentshot of parrot os hacking tools

screenshot of hacking tools in parrot os

Here are the system requirements that you need to consider when installing parrot os:

CPU: At least 1GHz Dual Core CPU
ARCHITECTURE: 32-bit, 64-bit, and ARMHF
GPU: No graphics acceleration
RAM: 256MB – 512MB
HDD Standard: 6GB – 8GB
HDD Full: 8GB – 16GB
BOOT: Legacy BIOS or UEFI (testing)

How To Install Parrot Os On PC: Get, Up and Running

The most widely used methods for installing a secondary Operating System is either virtualization or a dual boot with the existing system.

For installing Parrot Security OS in a virtualized environment use VMware. You can download the free version of VMware from here.

Download Parrot Security OS from here.


You will not be able to directly connect to a wireless network from a virtual Operating System.

Although, you can access the Internet on the virtual OS by bridging the connection of your host machine to the virtual machine. But in order to directly connect a virtual OS to a wireless connection, you need to buy an external wifi USB adapter.

The following video will guide you on Installing Parrot Security OS in VMware.

How To Install Parrot OS On USB


I will suggest you to dual boot Parrot OS with your existing Operating System. This will offer you better speed and good user experience.

And yeah, you don’t need to buy an external wifi adapter too. 

One more thing I want to tell you is that, in Linux distributions, you can also run the Operating System directly onto your PC without having to install it.

This feature is called the live mode. You will get a Live Mode option while installing any Linux-based OS. Creating a parrot os live USB is a good option because you will be able to restore it anytime if you mess up anything.

When you run parrot os live USB or any other live os, then the Operating System is loaded into the RAM. This means when you plug out your USB all the data is cleared since the RAM is a volatile memory, means the data get erased as soon as the PC is turned off.

In case you want to know, I personally dual booted Parrot OS with windows. You just need to create a new partition on your system and then install the Parrot Security OS on it.

Just follow the below video to dual boot Parrot Security OS, and you will be up and running in a few minutes.

Why You Should Install Parrot OS

Free: Like most of the other Linux distros, the Parrot is also free. That means you can parrot OS for free from their official site. After downloading you can share it with anyone without any legal worries.

You are totally free to read the source code of parrot OS and change it as you want, maybe to create your own personal distro from it.

Simple: As I said earlier you can also install parrot OS if you are a regular user and have nothing to do with hacking.

Parrot OS is just as easy as ubuntu in term of its usage. You are provided with a bunch of pre-installed tools to your office work. Tools such as libre office, document viewer, keepnote and many others.

Secure: New versions of parrot OS are frequently released, so you don’t need to worry about your lagging behind. It also gives you a sandboxed environment in which the user applications are protected.

This sandboxing is done in order to limit the damage in case the system is compromised.

Lightweight: Parrot OS run extremely well on computers having very limited resources and old hardware. It is a very lightweight operating system among all the other penetration testing distributions of Linux.

Software Store: You can choose applications from a huge repository including all the packages supported by Debian (more than 56000 packages available over 4 different architectures), plus many other applications and tools.

Who Should Install Parrot OS

  • Security Experts
  • Digital forensics experts
  • Engineering and IT Students
  • Researchers
  • Journalists & Hacktivists
  • Wannabe Hackers
  • Police officers and special security institutions

I know, your goal is only to install Parrot OS, but if you want to explore further then you look at some alternatives to Parrot OS here.

It is a list of the best alternatives to the Parrot Operating System. It is not necessary to try all of them but having a look at the similar Operating Systems can really help you in the future.

Parrot OS VS Kali Linux

Time to time you might be also getting thoughts like should I go with parrot os or Kali Linux? The answer to this question is it really does not matter.

Whether you choose Parrot OS or Kali Linux it is totally your choice.

But Parrot OS do get an edge because it gives better performance even on low-end devices. I have tried both Kali Linux as well as Parrot OS. I can’t choose one over the other but I will suggest you try these both. You will eventually figure out which OS do you like and feel comfortable with.

Breakdown: How To Install Parrot OS

So this was all about how to install parrot OS on PC. I hope you have successfully installed Parrot OS on your PC.

Parrot sec is one of the best OS for hacking. I hope this guide on installing Parrot has helped you. If you have any problem setting things up just let me know in the comment section below.

I will be happy to guide you.

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