Instahackgram Apk 2.0 Latest Version Download: Does It Work?

instahackgram apk latest version download

Hello friends in this post, I am going to talk about one app that is known as instahackgram. By the name of the app, you can guess that this app is somehow related to hacking Instagram accounts. We all know that many people are constantly searching for things such as instahackgram apk to hack the social accounts of others but most of these people are not aware of the fact that these tools do not work. Some people think that using a tool like instahackgram will get them the Instagram account of any person but that is not the case.

So if you are one of them then I should tell you that hacking an account or a system is not simple as that. You should know this fact that hacking is not simply using a tool but much more than that. Certainly, there are many tools are used in hacking but they are used for the purpose of finding bugs and errors in a system. These bugs and errors then result in finding a loophole or creating one which ultimately results in a system been hacked.

So there are a lot of moving parts when in hacking. Although movies have made us think that hacking is just tapping a few buttons on the computer and using a tool to hack anything. Since you are here now, you are not among those people who think that social accounts can be hacked just using the username.

Download Instahackgram Apk

In this post, I am going to share with you the instahackgram apk that you can download from the below link. The link of the instahackgram is only provided for you to test it by yourself. Even if you don’t want to test it yourself you can read this entire post and know if it really works or not.


I have written this post only for making people aware of the instahackgram app. Many of my friends also asked me for the instahackgram review. Also, many people online are looking for it as well. So here it is.

But before moving any further, I must warn you that this post is only for educational purpose. I don’t promote hacking. This post is to make you aware of the things around you so that you could be saved from them. But if you are like me who just like to learn how the hacking works then you are most welcome. You can learn these things and help your loved ones from getting their social accounts being hacked. I have already written a post about how to hack Instagram where I discussed a tool known as instahax0r which is also quite popular. As well some other techniques to hack Instagram accounts. You can read that post as well after finishing this one.

What is Instahackgram?

The instahackgram is an app that claims to hack Instagram accounts just by using a username. In other words, you can hack your favorite actors or actress accounts using just the username of their Instagram profile. It seems too good to be true, isn’t it?

The instahackgram app is available for various devices as you can see in the screenshot below. This screenshot of the instahackgram(dot)com website. This website claims to provide the app for iPhone, Android, iPad/iPod Touch, and Windows as well.

instahackgram website screenshot

Claimed Features

When I went to the features section of the app here are the features that I was shown.


So it does not mean which device are you using. Whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, the instahackgram app can be installed on all of your devices. Also, the app will work on Windows computers as well (as claimed by the website).


The app developers claim that they update their app regularly and improve it further. But you haven’t known yet if this app really works or not. But hang on, you are about to discover this in just a few short moments.

Full Access

The instahackgram app claims to provide complete access to the hacked Instagram account. That means you can do anything with that account. You can see all the posts, like others, post from that id, delete posts from that id, comment from that account and many other things. This seems to interesting at first and people try to download this app.

Anonymous Usage

So here it says that the account holder (whose Instagram account you hacked) will not be able to detect that his/her account was even hacked.

features screenshot

You can see that the instahackgram app makes very big promises in terms of hacking Instagram accounts with a username. Anybody, who is new into the field of hacking or want to hack their friends Instagram account will try to download the instahackgram app. So here is what happens when you click on any of the download button provided on the website of this app.

My Experience When Downloading

I first thought to download the instahackgram apk file. So I first clicked on the “Download for Android” button. So here is what I got after clicking that button.

android apk download survey

You can see in the image above that I have been redirected to some other website and it is asking me to complete a survey. This is the trick that this website is using to earn money or to get people’s information.

At first glance, it looks very genuine because of the warning message displayed in the box. The box says: “Due to bots overloading our servers we must verify that you are a human”. The next message says “The download will start after completing 1 offer”. And below that, there is a “Take a Survey” button. Anybody would be made to think that this is a real message and after taking the survey the download will begin.

But believe me I have tried it and it does not work. And this is not the first time that I have come across these survey type websites, there are many of these. I see people are constantly searching for how to complete this survey for downloading the instahackgram app but they don’t know that app can’t be downloaded even if you complete the survey.

To verify, I then clicked on the “Download for Windows”  button and I was redirected to a different website.

windows app download survey

As you can see in the image above the website URL is different from the previous one. But the objective of both these websites to trap you in the endless game of filling in the surveys and never reaching your destination. You can see that for my place this website is showing that there are no surveys available. That means I can’t download the instahackgram app for my Windows computer. But even if there were surveys available then also the app will not be downloaded.

How To Download And Install Instahackgram?

So after going all this, I searched on the Internet for instahackgram apk and I found few websites sharing information about this app. I then downloaded the instahackgram apk from a website on my Android phone and tested it. So here is how it went.

1. I download the instahackgram apk from the Internet on my phone.

2. Opened the apk file to install the app on the phone.

3. As usual, I was getting a warning that this app is not from a trusted source. This warning shows when you try to download an apk file that is not directly from the Google Play store. So to bypass this warning you have to enable installations from unknown sources. This can be done from the settings of your phone.

4. After enabling the unknown sources option from the settings, I was asked to install the app.

5. Then clicked on the install button and waited for a few moments for the app to install. At first, the app was not installed. Then I tried the second time and the app was installed successfully. Here is how it looks from the inside.

Does Instahackgram Really Work?

You are just about to find out does this app really work or it is another fake app. You can download the app from the link given on this page and try the app yourself as well. But if you don’t want to download the app you can simply read the following steps that I performed after downloading the instahackgram app.

1. I opened the app and clicked on the “Hack Instagram Account” button. When I clicked on the “Hack Instagram Account” button I was asked a series of questions.

instahackgram screenshot 1

2. At first, I was asked to fill the account name or the email address in the fields. Also, I have to specify the country of the account holder. I filled my accounts details “hacking_pres.s” and moved forward by clicking on the “Next” button.

screenshot of instahackgram step 1

3. The next question was “Specify the last time he or she logged into Instagram”. For this, I filled the date when I last logged into my account. If you are also trying the app alongside me then you can select the date by clicking on the text where it says “Click here to select the date”. Then click on the “Next” button.

screenshot of instahackgram step 3

4. After that, the question was “What is the gender of the victim”. After selecting the option I moved to the next question.

5. “Is the victim married”, this was the next question as you can see in the image below.

screenshot of instahackgram step 4

6. Now the following two questions do not mean anything. The questions were about the friends of that account. “Is Lussy his or her friend”, “Is Natalie his or her friend” were the two questions.

screenshot of instahackgram step 5

The answer to both of these questions has to be given in “yes” or “no” option.

screenshot of instahackgram step 6

7. After filling all these questions, the next screen appeared like this.

congratulations password hacked sucessfully screenshot

It seems that the instahackgram app is doing its work and cracking the Instagram account. After waiting for a few seconds I got the message “Congratulations! Account Hacked Successfully!!”

Then on the next page, I was given the following details.

  • The password is: F7V6\[email protected]
  • User ID: hacking_pres.s
  • Notifications: 45
  • Unread messages: 33
  • Friends: 388

password hacked details screenshot

The fact is that these details mean nothing. It is just garbage information. You can even try to put in the username and the password that I provided above and try to log into the account. You will see that you can’t log in. This proves that the instahackgram app does not work. This app is more like a prank app than a real Instagram password cracker.

So the Bottomline is that you stay away from these kinds of apps. And if you want to try this app yourself then you can try it by downloading the app from this page. Also, please do share your experience as well in the comment section below. If you want to learn hacking then you can read my post about ethical hacking for beginners. This post covers all the topics that a beginner needs to know when starting hacking. This complete guide will make you familiarize with all the jargons that hackers use in their daily life. If you already know the basics of hacking then I urge you to check the full guide on cmd commands where I teach you how to use command prompt like a professional.

Anyways, I hope that you got something out of this post. If you do please leave a comment below. If you have any queries or suggestions I am happy to hear them from you.

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