Netflix Remove From Continue Watching: Solve Quickly Step-by-Step!

netflix remove from continue watching

Here are the quick steps to solve the problem of continuing watching on Netflix. So the chances are that you are new to using Netflix and you can’t seem to figure out how to remove Netflix from continue watching. The feature of continue watching is automatically set by Netflix by default. This is because Netflix wants to give the best user experience for their users as they can. Of course, this feature of continue watching is quite helpful for people who like to binge-watch shows and movies on Netflix but for some people, this could be a pain point that they want to solve quickly.

So probably you are also one of those people who search for “Netflix remove from continue watching” to find a solution to this problem. And finally, you can come to the right place to solve this problem. In this post, I am going to show you the step by step solution to fix the problem of Netflix remove from continue watching. Also, I have written a post on how to get cheap Netflix accounts using a service called accountbot. You can read the post and look at the ways with which you can get the Netflix subscription for very cheap. As well, I have shared my experience with the service too.

Netflix Remove From Continue Watching

So when you watch your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix, it saves your progress of that show of the movie. The next time you log into your Netflix account you will see that you can start watching from the last frame that you left off. It is an awesome feature but sometimes few people don’t want to use it and want to remove continue watching from Netflix. Maybe, you were watching a horror movie or TV show that you don’t want your kids to view, or maybe you don’t want your family member’s to know what kind of TV shows you watch.

No matter what is motivating you to remove Netflix form continue watching you have come to the right place for the solution. So without any further chit-chat let’s dive right into Netflix remove from continue watching. In this post, I will show you how to remove something from continue watching on Netflix app and using your computer as well.

There are two methods that I will help you to solve this problem. So the first method is by hiding the TV series that you have watched.

Method 1: Hiding The TV Series

On Mobile

If you are on a mobile device then you need to follow the following steps to hide the TV series. These steps can be performed on your Android smartphone or on your iPhone. Carefully read each instruction given below and apply the steps. So this is how to delete continue watching on Netflix on phone.

1. At the bottom right corner click on the “more” button (the three horizontal lines).

click on the more button

2. After that choose the profile that you want to edit. Choose the profile carefully as you might have other accounts as well attached with your Netflix subscription.

choose the account option

3. Then at the bottom right corner, you will see an option as “Account”. Simply tap on that button. After clicking this button a browser window will be opened. Don’t panic thinking where is Netflix taking me, this is how it works.

4. On the next page, scroll down and look for the option that says “Viewing activity”. Then click on the “Viewing activity” option.

select the viewing activity

5. The next screen will appear. Now click on the “hide icon” (circle icon that has a line through it). This will hide the selected episode.

click on the hide button

6. If you want to hide the complete series, click on the “hide series” link and you will see that the select TV show will be hidden. Now you will not see the hidden TV show appearing on your Netflix service nor it will affect any of you the recommended series by Netflix.

click on the hide series

On Computer

If you have your laptop or desktop computer handy instead of your mobile phone then you can follow the following steps to remove the Netflix from continue watching. Also, please note that you have to perform these steps on your computer, you can’t do these steps on your smart TV or any streaming device.

1. Open your Netflix account on any browser of your choice on your computer.

2. Now click on the down arrow that is located with your profile picture at the top right corner.

select your account option from the dropdown menu

3. A dropdown menu will appear with a bunch of options. Choose the “Account” option from the menu.

4. You will be redirected to the next page. Under the “My Profile” section click on the “Viewing Activity” option.

choose viewing activity

5. Now simply find the movie or the TV show that you want to hide and then click on the hide button (the circle that has a line through it). This will hide the selected movie or the TV episode that you were watching.

click on the circle with line through it

6. If you want to hide the entire series then you need to click on the “hide series” button. This option will hide all the episodes from your profile and nobody will found that you have watched these TV shows.

use the hide series option to hide entire series

If you are looking for how to delete continue watching on Netflix on TV, then I must tell you that you can’t perform these instructions on your TV. You have to use your computer for this purpose.

Method 2: Add A New Profile

You know that Netflix allows you to add up to five profiles under your account, which can be very useful for situations like this. It does not matter what plan of Netflix you have, you will have the option to create profiles. So you can create a profile for yourself, your kids, your mother, your father, and one for your entire family.

If you have not taken the benefit of creating all the five profiles then this is the time to create one. This method is all about creating a new profile section. When you create a new profile account you can let that account used by your family and kids and this way nobody will be able to see what you were watching in your spare time.

This is also a solution for your problem Netflix remove from continue watching. You will have to no longer worry about how to remove Netflix from continue watching if you create a new profile. Hence it will solve your problem. To create a new profile simply follow the instructions given below.

1. Open Netflix on your computer using your favorite browser. You will be presented with all the profiles that you have created. If you have already opened Netflix then you can click on the “manage profiles” option from the dropdown menu that appears when you click on the down arrow located at the bottom of your profile picture.

add a new profile to your account

2. Select “Add Profile”

3. Now type the name of the new profile and click on the “Continue” button.

click on continue to finish creating a new profile

4. Your new profile is successfully created now, you can begin watching TV shows and movies using your new profile.

So that was all about how to Netflix remove from continue watching. Now you can use your fresh profile without affecting the continue watching option of your previous profile.

Wrap Up

Netflix is a great source of entertainment. Nowadays, more and more people are shifting to online streaming. The people wanted to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on their favorite online streaming service rather than through DVD or Blue-ray Discs.

Although, there are many Internet streaming services that are available right now only a few of them are popular. Netflix is no doubt, one of the best online TV and movies watching destination. Chances are whenever you think of online streaming TV show or movie, Netflix would be the first thing that will come to your mind.

And why not it would be? Netflix has tons and tons of TV series and movies available at your disposal. You can stream in ultra high quality and really enjoy your favorite TV show or movie.

But I saw that many people were facing the problem of continue watching on Netflix. They are constantly looking for fixing the Netflix remove from continue watching. That is why I have written this post to help you and all the other people like you who are willing to solve this issue. Many people sometimes watch unappropriate content that they would not like to be viewed by their family members or by their kids.

But the problem that remains with Netflix is that it uses all your past watching history to give recommendations to you. Also, when you open Netflix it has the option for “Continue Watching”. This option starts playing the TV show or the movie from where you left off. This could be a problem sometimes. If you were looking to solve this problem, then I hope that this post helped you. If you have any queries then let me know in the comment section below.

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