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What Is Footprinting And How It Is Done: The Complete Guide

footprinting gathering information the first phase of hacking

Footprinting is a process of gathering information about computer systems for the intent to intrude it. Footprinting is the very first phase of the hacking process. As you may already know when a hacker tries to compromise a system he goes through five steps of hacking. These five steps of hacking includes: #1. Footprinting #2. Scanning #3. Gaining Access #4. Maintaining Access #5. Clearing Tracks If you often look around […]

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Unblock YouTube At School: 5 Easy Methods That Actually Works!

unblock youtube at school

Hello friends, in this tutorial you are going to learn how to unblock youtube at school. So try these methods and figure out which one works for you to unblock youtube at school. In my school days, I and my friends were also fond of watching videos on youtube. But our school faculty has blocked our access to major sites like youtube, facebook etc. Our school had a firewall named […]

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Private Search Engines: Top 7 Best Private Search Engines

private search engine

Private Search Engines are used to hide your searches and information about you. Regular search engines attach your search terms with your online profile and store that information. So, if you are concerned about your privacy online; then these private search engines are the way to go. These are the anonymous search engines which do not collect any data about you. Top 7 Best Private Search Engines Although there are […]

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