The Best Premium Link Generator You’ll Ever Need!

Are you looking for a premium link generator to download files from premium hosters?

If yes, then your search for a premium link generator will end today!

I know, there may be times when you want to download your favorite TV show or a movie from a website for free.

But most of these movie sites host their file on premium file hosters. So when you try to download your copy, you have to face waiting times and low-speed servers.

Although there are many websites which offer you direct links to download the files. But oftentimes, the copy of the most popular tv show or movie is hosted on a premium file hoster.

Different premium hosters have different waiting limit for free users. I have seen some hosters which give access to a file within 30 seconds. But also there are some hosters that require you to waste your 3 minutes of time.

That’s a very frustrating position to be!

I hate waiting times as much as you do.

Now, it’s not just about waiting times but also the download speeds. The download speed that these premium hosters provide to free users is worst. You may have to wait for hours on hours for your file to finish downloading.

Also, the premium plans for these file hosters are quite expensive.

Best Premium Link Generator 2018

So in this post, you’ll discover the best premium link generator available on the Internet. You can use this website to easily generate premium links. You can use this site as a Genbird alternative website. Not only Genbird, but the Easybytez premium link generator is also supported by the link generator that I am going to share with you.

Also, you may be familiar with the fact that most of the free stuff on the Internet is hosted by premium file hosters.

So it’s better to use a premium link generator instead of wasting your time waiting for a download link to generate. Some of the most famous premium file hosters are—rapidgator, uploaded, turbobit, rapdirar, hitfile. Some of the uploaded premium link generator are very popular among the people who download movies and other free stuff.

But the link generator service that I’m talking about is– Debrid-Link.

best premium link generator

With Debrid-Link you can download or watch files from over 160 hosters without any waiting time. All your files will be served directly to you with very high-speed servers.

I believe that you don’t have to ever use other premium link generating service after using Debrid-Link.

Using Free Version 

Follow the steps below to get registered with this website:

1. Go to Debrid-Link.

2. Click on the register button on the top right corner. 

3. Fill your details accurately and carefully and then click on register.

4. After the successful registration of your account, you’ll be automatically logged into your account.

In the free version of this link generator, you can generate premium links of two file hosters namely and SoundCloud.

Here is how I generated the premium link of uploaded within seconds using this website.

1. Just copy the link of the file.

2. Paste into the big white bar and then click on generate.

3. As you can see, the premium link is generated for the file.

4. Now I can easily download the file. Now keep in mind that the file will be served from high-speed servers. That means you’ll get very good downloading speeds.

See, that’s how easy it is.

By the way, offers following plans for their premium links.

But you don’t have to pay a red cent to uploaded to download files from them. You can easily download files from with this premium link generator for free.

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Using Paid Version

Apart from two free hosts, this websites also offers premium link generating services for many others hosts.

With their premium plans that I must agree are really cheap, you can save both your time and money. I have used many other premium link generator services but I found Debrid-Link as the best.

When you’ll purchase any of the plans you will also earn a few points. These points can again be used to purchase a paid plan!

Now tell me… 

…how good that sounds to you? 

With Debrid-Link you can download files from more than 50 hoster and stream your files from more than 100 streams. So now, you don’t need to purchase the plans of every hoster from where you want to download your files.

The most popular file hoster rapidgator is also supported in their premium plans. So that means that you easily generate rapidgator links too.

Many of the users are only looking for rapidgator premium link generator, but this link generator service is more than just rapidgator.

Here is a demo on how I generated the rapidgator premium link with this rapidgator premium link generator:

1. Once you are logged into your account, just copy the link and paste it into the download bar .

2. Tick the direct download.

3. Then click on generate and your file will start downloading automatically.

4. As you can see, the file has started downloading and the downloading speed, and with this rapidgator premium link generator you’ll surely get high-speed downloads.

Here is a list of top filehosters supported by this premium link generator:

  • Alfafile
  • Anonfile
  • Ausfile
  • Barbavid
  • Clicknupload
  • Datafilehost
  • Dropbox
  • Easybytez
  • Estream
  • Fileal
  • Filefactory
  • Filer
  • Filerio
  • Firedrop
  • Free
  • Googledrive
  • Hitfile
  • Hulkshare
  • Icerbox
  • Isracloud
  • Mega
  • Mexashare
  • Mystream
  • Oboom
  • Openload
  • Rapidgator
  • Rapidvideo
  • Raptuvideo
  • Salefiles
  • Sendspace
  • Souncloud
  • Streamango
  • Streamin
  • Suprafiles
  • Thevideo
  • Turbobit
  • Tusfiles
  • Unibytes
  • Uploaded
  • Uptobox
  • Userscloud
  • Vev
  • Vidoza
  • Vidshare
  • Vidto
  • Vidup
  • Vipfile
  • Vshare
  • Youtube
  • Zippyshare

You can see, that there are a bunch of hosting platforms for which you can generate a premium link using this link generator.

The benefit of this is that you don’t need to purchase a different premium account for each file hosting site.

Here are some of the other popular file sharing sites that are supported by this link premium link generator.

Hitfile Premium Link Generator

So, let’s have a look at hitfile premium plans. These are the hitfile premium plans. You can see that the plans are very expensive.

hitfile premium account plans

Debrid-link will be your hitfile premium account for links. You don’t have to go anywhere else and pay that much money to hitfile for downloading files from them.

Rapidrar Premium Link Generator

Rapidrar leech is not currently supported by debrid-link.

Rapidrar is also very popular among file sharing sites. They have free members plan and a paid member plan for file sharing and downloading.

Have a look at there fee structure of the premium plans:

rapidrar premium account plans

When you own a rapidrar premium account you will have the option for direct downloads. That means, you no longer have to face waiting time for downloading your file.

Isracloud Premium Link Generator

This is another online backup platform for storing your precious files online. With isracloud, you can host images, videos, audios, and other digital files at one place.

To have premium access to isracloud you have to pay according to these plans:

isracloud premium account plans

You can see that the plans are quite expensive but you don’t have to pay anywhere near it.

Alfafile Premium Link Generator

If you are a free user of alfafile then you’ll not be able to download many files simultaneously. The free user of alfafile is restricted to many other things but now you can also generate premium links for alfafile.

Fileal Premium Link Generator

Fileal has three categories of users. The one is the free users, the second is the registered user and the third one is the premium users.

The free and registered users are blocked from accessing some great features of fileal such as no ads, no delay in downloads etc.

To get these premium features you have to pay for there premium plans. The fileal premium account has the following fee structure:

fileal premium account plans

Register Now

Downloading Torrents With Seedbox

Now that’s not it. You can, of course, generate premium links with this premium link generator but…

…you can also download torrents on their servers. They also offer seedbox service in all of their plans. Also, you don’t have to pay a single penny more to get this benefit.

So whenever you find a torrent that you really want to download but don’t have time to. You can easily download or stream files inside a torrent.

Follow the below steps to add your torrent:

1. Drag & Drop the torrent file or simply paste the magnet URL.

2. Their servers will download the files relate to the torrent within a few minutes.

3. Then you can download or stream (if video) your files with very high speed.

Now, if you think this copying and pasting process is a burden for you. Then Debrid-Link got you covered on that.

This premium link generator offers extensions for the most popular browsers out their namely Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

So with these browser add-ons, you can add links without using the Debrid-Link website. You can add a torrent to your Seedbox on the fly. These add-ons will make the whole process a lot faster and easier.

Not only browsers, this premium link generator also supports extensions for your TV and download manager. You can easily stream your favorite movie on Chromecast, Airplay, XBMC with one click!

Also, you can directly configure Debrid-Link with a supported download manager. So when you’ll add the links of hosts, then the download manager will automatically generate and download files.

Using The Browser Extension

The browser extension feature offered by this link generator comes in very handy. You can simply add the extension for your preferred browser and generate premium links on the fly.

So rather than copying and pasting your link to the website simply use the browser extension.

And this will work with all of your hosts whether it is rapidgator, rapidrar, hitfile or any of the other supported host. Just follow the guide to add and use the browser extension feature.

1. First of all, simply add the browser extension. I’m using the chrome browser here, so I will simply click on the add to chrome button.

2. After adding the plugin to your browser you can visit your file host to generate the premium link. The links will be automatically detected when you are on a supported host website.

Once you are on your links page simply click on the debrid-link icon to see all the link that are available for download.

generating premium links directly

Also you can individually right click on the link that you want to download and select download with debrid-link. This will automatically generate the premium link and your download will start immediately.

right click to generate premium link

3. You can also download the torrent files this easy. When you download a file with .torrent extension the plugin will detect the torrent and will ask you to send the torrent to the seedbox.

sending torrent to the seedbox

You can simply click on send to seedbox button to begin downloading your torrent file immediately with high speed.


…you don’t even need to download the torrent file first. You can simply right-click on the torrent and select the download option. It is that easy and simple.

right click to download and seed the torrent

Rundown: Best Premium Link Generator 2019

So that was all about the best premium link generator. Sign up at debrid-link and deepbrid with the free account at first. After using their services for some days you can upgrade to a paid plan.

In my opinion, the paid plan of debrid-link is the way to go. This is by far the best premium link generator in 2019. You don’t need to think twice about it. The plans are very cheap as compared to any other premium link generating service.

If you were only looking for rapidgator, rapidrar, hitfile premium link generator then this is the best option to choose. It is reliable as well as cheap.

At the time I’m using Debrid-Link and happy with their services. I bet, you won’t be disappointed with their services.

By the way, if you found any other link generating service which offers services at this cheap price! Let me know in the comment section.

Also if you found this article helpful, please share it with friends and family. And keep visiting for more useful stuff.