Private Search Engines: Top 7 Best Private Search Engines

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Private Search Engines are used to hide your searches and information about you. Regular search engines attach your search terms with your online profile and store that information. You can use these private search engines to hide your footprinting on the web.

So, if you are concerned about your privacy online; then these private search engines are the way to go. These are the anonymous search engines which do not collect any data about you.

Top 7 Best Private Search Engines

Although there are many search engines on the Internet, only a few of them cares about your privacy. The world’s biggest search engine Google is one of them. Google tries to collect as much information about yourself as it can.

This all is done to show you ads and searches tailored to your profile. Although some people might find it very convenient, people like me and you consider it an invasion of our privacy.

So here are the top anonymous search engines:

#1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is probably the best and the most popular private search engine. It was launched back on February 28, 2008. The searches done on DuckDuckGo are mostly sourced from Yahoo. At first major private search engines, DuckDuckGo does not offer private browsing.

After some time they realized that privacy is the major concern of an Internet user, so they decided to offer their services as a private search engine. Its CEO, Gabriel Weinberg, said, “if the FBI comes to us, we have nothing to tie back to you.”

DuckDuckgo is truly an Internet private company that cares about your privacy online. It helps you to take control of your personal information online, without any hitch. With a DuckDuckGo search engine, around 20 million private searches are being made in per day. Started from Gabriel’s basement now this private search engine has its headquarters situated in Paoli, PA.

It offers many features to its users like choosing between different themes and various privacy options. Apart from searching in the search box DuckDuckGo offers you an extension for different browsers.

Not only that it also offers a private search engine app for your Android and iPhone too. I definitely recommend checking this search engine. I’m sure you are going to love it.

#2. SearchEncrypt

SearchEncrypt is another widely used private search engine. According to Search Encrypt, they check the URL of each website that you visit. Since this search engine respects your privacy, the search made by you are logged or stored anywhere.

For your privacy, Search Encrypt intercepts the requests if it’s on their own list of sites. Also, it encrypts your searches locally using the industry standard AES-256 encryption.

Your searches made on this private search engine are securely transmitted to their servers for processing. Once their servers receive your request the search term is decrypted and securely request results from their search & content partners.

Not only that, for your added security, your local browsing history for any search expires and cannot be viewed after 15 minutes of inactivity.

This private search engine also comes as an extension. The Search Encrypt extension protects your privacy by detecting searches that may be tracked and tied to your personal information. It intercepts those searches and redirects them to Search Encrypt’s privacy-enhanced search engine which will be set to your default search engine.

#3. StartPage

StartPage makes you invisible when you are doing your searches. It acts as an intermediary between you and Google. Whenever you make a search on StartPage, the search term is submitted to Google by StartPage.

Google only sees that StartPage is searching for something. Then the result is delivered back to you by stripping out the tracking cookies which makes your search completely private and anonymous.

No IP address or other personal information is every stored by startpage. You remain completely anonymous.

Also, this anonymous search engine has one unique feature of proxy. It offers you a to open every search result using a proxy server.

When you use a proxy server startpage goes to the website you select, retrieves the page, and displays it for you. You remain anonymous to the website. They see the only StartPage’s IP address, not yours.

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#4. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search is another anonymous search engine helps you to protect your information online.

This anonymous search engine helps you to make your search on three major search engines. Those search engines include Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. You can choose any of them when entering your search term.

Also, Disconnect Search offers an extension for all the major web browsers. These browsers include google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, apple safari and opera. So you can easily take disconnect with you and enjoy anonymous browsing on the search engines.

They don’t collect any of your personal info, including your IP address. But you can voluntarily opt for providing some information.

When you search using Disconnect the big search engines can’t link back those search terms to you. Your searches are made behalf of Disconnect and are totally anonymous and secure.

#5. Searx

Searx is a metasearch engine. This means that it shows you results retrieved from the other search engines. Although it gives you results of other search engines, no information about you is stored.

Searx is a GitHub project and the code of this search engine is 100% open source. If you are a developer you can contribute to making this anonymous search engine better.

When using searchx you don’t need to care about what you search for. Since no information about you is stored and no personalized profile of you is created.

The Searx anonymous search engine aggregates result from over 70 search services. Also, this private search engine works well with the Tor browser.

#6. Qwant

Qwant is yet another private search engine that respects your privacy. This anonymous search engine is based in France, with headquarters in Paris. Qwant strives you to provide you with the unbiased search results while protecting your privacy. It offers you a very intuitive design so that you search without any problem.

If you want, you can change your Interface Language, search results country and search results language. There are more options available for you. You can have look at them by hopping over to the settings this private search engine.

Unlike Google, Qwant delivers all its results on a single web page. The search results include websites, social networks, pictures, videos, shopping, music etc.

#7. Gibiru

Gibiru is an uncensored anonymous search engine. Gibiru’s CEO, Steve Marshall, announced in a press release that his service is exactly what Google was early on. It provides reliable search results without being tracking you.

Gibiru provides you with anonymous and private browsing. Also, you will get uncensored news on this private search engine. This anonymous search engine has its own robots that crawl less mainstream websites, sites that tend to promote “alternative” views from the mainstream.

Because Google and Bing crawl Lamestream media, Gibiru does not waste bandwidth crawling these mainstream sites however their content is still available through our web search and HTTPS encrypted web search.

Gibiru uses its own algorithm to render uncensored results in our Uncensored News section. The algorithm is not filtered, nor censored.

Gibiru also offers an HTTPS 128-bit encrypted search, for those who are especially concerned about third-party snoopers. The 128-bit https encryption allows Gibiru users to search the web anonymously and under the same level of encryption that most online stores and banks use to protect user’s privacy.

Why Concern About Privacy?

You might be aware of the fact that Google owns many products. All these products are used by billions of people around the world.

Google owns the largest share in the arena of search engines. It also owns the Android OS, which is the most dominating operating system in the smartphone industry.

Google Chrome is the number desktop browser in the world followed by Mozilla Firefox. So by this only you can guess the breadth of information that Google is collecting about you.

So, literally, Google is everywhere. And it is collecting all your information to make more money. Search engines like Google and Bing collect and saves all the searches that you have done. This information is saved for an indefinite time and can anytime be used against you.

So if you are concerned about your privacy to use these private search engines that will surely help you to combat breach of your privacy.

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How To Search Safely

Use private search engine: Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly collecting data about you. Often times the search engines that you use collect more information about you than you may know. This could be beneficial to them but is surely a breach to the privacy of the users.

So, you must consider using private search engines to protect your searches on the web. The most popular private search engines are– DuckDuckGo and Startpage.

Also, make sure that the search engines that you are using provide you with encryption of your search terms. It is necessary nowadays so that your information doesn’t land into the wrong hands.

Switch between search engines often: You can regularly switch between different search engines so that no search engine has complete information about you. By switching between search engines you are limiting the things a search engine knows about you.

If you only use one search engine and concerned about your privacy then consider switching between search engines often.

There are many search engines that you can use. You can use normal search engines or use private search engines.

Clear cache and cookies: When you visit a website the webpage of that site is cached into your browser. So the next time you visit that same webpage it will take less time to load.

This is done to improve the overall user experience. Apart from cache’s, cookies are the major part of working of a website.

Cookies are like a tracking device stored on your browser to identify you. These cookies keep track of what websites you visit and what things you do on the Internet.

So deleting unwanted cookies will help you to protect yourself from unwanted tracking on the Internet.

Logout from your accounts: If you always use Google while you are signed into your Gmail account then you are helping Google to clearly identify you on the Internet. Often times this could be useful for saving and syncing passwords.

But if you are more steeped towards your privacy then consider logging out your Gmail account before typing your search term on Google. This will limit Google on how much data it attach to your profile.

Use VPNs or Proxies: Proxies and VPNs help you to virtually change your location on the Internet. You can make use of a proxy server or a virtual private network to stay anonymous on the Internet.

A VPN is considered best since it changes your location as well as encrypts your connection.

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Rundown: Best Private Search Engines

So these were the best private search engines that you can use to protect your privacy online. I hope you found these anonymous search engines helpful for protecting your privacy online. I would suggest you read the next post on email spoofing where I talk about how attackers can trick you with your friend’s or your company’s email.

If you liked it please share this article with your friends. If you use any other private search engine, let me know in the comment section below.