How To Make A Windows PC Restart Forever!

how to restart windows pc forever

Hello friends, in this short tutorial I’m going to show you how you can make a Windows PC restart indefinitely.

This is a simple trick that I discovered when I was in my school days. One day, I was sitting in my school’s computer lab and wanted to some fun…

…I already knew that we can shut down or restart a Windows PC through command prompt using simple commands.

So one idea blazed into my mind that if I somehow made the shutdown command run every time the PC starts then I can prank my friends saying that this PC has some virus of some kind that keeps it restarting.

You know, just for fun…

So below are the steps which you can use to make a Windows PC shutdown or restart indefinitely.

1. Open the run dialog box by pressing Windows + R.

2. Then type cmd and hit enter. Feel free to use any other method to open the command prompt. You just need to open the command prompt.

3. The command for shutting down a PC is– shutdown /s. If you simply type this command in the command prompt and hit enter your PC will shut down.

4. You can also use the /t option with the shutdown command to specify the timer. So let’s say you want to shutdown your PC after 60 seconds then you will type the command– shutdown /s /t 60.

This will shut down your PC exactly after 60 seconds.

So now you know some commands for shutting down your PC, let’s dive into the stuff that you are here for. For that first of all you need to open notepad in your computer.

5. In the notepad simply type– shutdown /r /t 60 and then save it as a .bat file. See the screenshot for clarity. Notice that here I used the /r option which means to restart.

6. After you have saved the notepad file as a .bat extension you just need to move the file to the startup folder. All the files in the startup folder are executed when your PC is turned on.

7.  To open the startup folder first of all open the run dialog box by pressing Windows + R.

8. Then type in it– shell:startup and hit enter.

9. Now the startup folder will be opened and you just need to move or copy the .bat file that you created earlier into the startup folder. After moving the file simply close the window.

Now, your work is done.

Since you have placed the file in the startup folder the commands will be executed automatically as soon as your computer starts. Now when you will start your computer for the next time it will automatically get restarted after 60 seconds.

To stop the restart process just remove the .bat file from the startup folder and you are good to go.

If you want to know some more variations of the shutdown command then you can simply type– shutdown /? and have a look at all of the available options.

So this was a simple trick that I wanted to share with you.

I hope you liked it. If you do please share it with your friends and comment below if you face any kind of problem.