How To Send Encrypted And Self-Destructive Emails [Best Way]

send encrypted emails

Hello friends, I’m back again with another tutorial.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to send encrypted emails to anyone. If you are looking to send confidential information to someone, you can use this free encrypted mail service to send end to end encrypted emails.

These emails are highly secured and no one else other than you and the recipient of the email can read what’s inside the email. Not even the email service provider.

Not only encrypted email, but you can also send emails that get destroyed after a specific time.

For example, if you sent an email to your friend that is configured to be deleted after 1 hour, the email will be automatically deleted after an hour after it has been sent.

How To Send Encrypted And Self-Destructive Emails

Here I’m going to talk about an awesome free encrypted mail service that gives all this power. In this tutorial, you’ll find out how you can create an encrypted, password protected and self-destructive email. You can easily use this free encrypted mail service to send secure emails to your friends and colleagues.

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The free encrypted mail service that I’m talking about is ProtonMail.

Here are the features Of ProtonMail:

Swiss Privacy

All the servers of ProtonMail are located in Switzerland, where an individual’s privacy is protected with strict laws. This also makes ProtonMail an anonymous email service provider.

End-to-End Encryption

This means only you and the recipient can read the emails that you sent. No one in the middle of the transaction can read the message details. Not even the ProtonMail itself. The end-to-end encryption is done automatically and emails are made secure.

Anonymous Email

Can be used to send completely anonymous emails. Unlike Gmail, ProtonMail does not require information that identifies you on the Internet. You can easily create an account to send encrypted emails without providing your personal information. Also, no IP logs are kept, which makes this email service makes you completely anonymous.

Open Source

Who doesn’t like free stuff? There are many paid encrypted mail service, but this one is free. Also, the ProtonMail is an open source project, that means you can check its source code too.

Easy to Use

You get a modern inbox with the intuitive user interface. The design is very simple and you can easily navigate inside your account. Also, you don’t need any software to use ProtonMail, it can be used on any device without software installation.

Modern Inbox Design

With the next-generation inbox design, you can be more productive than before. It gives you a very clear and easy to use user experience. The design is accommodated to make you read, organize and send emails faster.

ProtonMail secure email accounts are fully compatible with other email providers. You can send and receive emails normally.

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How To Send Encrypted Emails

1. First of all, go to ProtonMail and signup for a new account.

2. On the account creation page, you will see various paid options. But you should select the first option, which is the free plan.

choose the free plan

3. After selecting your plan, you will be redirected to the next page where you need to fill your information such as your username, password.

fill your details username password

You can fill out your recovery email as well if you want. The recovery email address can be used to recover your password.

4. Then Click on create an account.

5. Next step is to verify you. Select either the email or the SMS option. In my case, I choose the email option and filled my email to get the verification code.

verify yourself

Then fill the verification code and hit the Complete Setup button.

6. On the next screen choose your display name. This is the name that will be displayed to your recipients. Click on Finish button to continue.

choose the display name and click finish

7. Now let’s send an encrypted email. Click on the Compose button located on the left-hand corner.

8. Enter the details such as receiver’s email address, subject, and your email body.

send an encypted email for free

9. Then click on the encryption button to set a password to the email. Choose the desired password and click on set. Now the email will be secured with a password.

encrypt the email with password

10. Finally, click on the send button. Your email will be sent successfully and you’ll get a message at the top.

Here is how it will look on the receiver’s side:

If you have sent the email to a non-protonmail user, the user will not be able to see the body of the email through that email provider itself. Instead, the user has to click on the button View Secure Message.

view secure message to view the message body

Then the user needs to input the password.

enter the encrypted email password

Only then the user will be able to see the content of the email.

the encrypted email content

So that is how you can send encrypted emails for free.

Now let’s have a look at how to send messages that delete automatically after a certain amount of time.

How To Send Self-Destructive Emails

1. Click on the Compose button located on the left-hand corner.

2. Enter the details such as receiver’s email address, subject, and your email body.

3. To send a self-destructive email you have to set a password to the email first. Otherwise, you can’t send self-destructive emails to non-protonmail users.

4. Set the password by clicking on the Encryption button.

click on expiration time

5. Also set an expiry date by clicking on the Expiration Time button. I have set the expiration time to 5 hours. The timer will start as soon as I send the message.

compose self destructive email

6. Then simply click on the send button.

Here’s how it will be on the receiver side:

The user will open his email inbox and click on View Message Button.

He will enter the password to decrypt the email.

self destructive email

Finally, the receiver will be able to view the content of the body. Also, the message will automatically be deleted after 5 hours.

Rundown: How To Send Encrypted Emails

So this is how you can send encrypted email for free. I hope you liked this article and got some useful information.

I know that there are other services too that allows you to send encrypted email, but this is the best among all. Above all, it is free.