Share Online Premium Link Generator (Update 2020)


Share Online premium link generator has been searched a lot during the last few months. This is because the people are trying to download files from Share Online without a premium account. The Share Online website is a platform that allows you to store your files online. With this website, you can upload your files on the Internet and access it wherever and whenever you want. Share Online makes it very easy to have your important files with you all the time. You just need an Internet connection.

How To Access Share Online Website?

The address of the Share Online website is With this address, you can access the Share Online website from anywhere in the world. It may be the case for some of you that you will be banned from accessing this website by your Internet Service Provider like here in India. No need to worry still, because you can overcome this limitation by adding a Virtual Private Network plugin into your browser. You can also use the software version of a reputed VPN service provider.

More About Share Online

The Share Online website offers users to register on their website to store their files online. The user can either register for free or choose a premium account of Share Online. The free version of the Share Online site has its limitation on the file storage capacity as well as on many other features. These limitations are lifted off when you opt for a premium account on the Share Online website. The premium account on the Share Online website can be purchased using your credit card, PayPal and various other payment options. So if you are willing to spend a few bucks to get the extra privilege on the Share Online website you can do that by becoming a premium member on the site.

Just to give you a perspective, here is what a premium Share Online account has different from the free one:

  • The free account offers limited storage space whereas the premium account offers unlimited storage space.
  • The number of files that can be downloaded in the free account is limited for 24 hours. In the premium account, you can download any number of files.
  • Simultaneous downloads are not supported in the free version whereas the premium member gets the benefit of downloading as many files as you want at the same time.
  • Resume capability is not supported in the free Share Online account. Files downloaded from the premium account can be paused and resumed easily.
  • Download speed is limited in the free version whereas premium account offers download speeds at full throttle.

Share Online Premium Link Generator

With the rise in the popularity of the Share Online, the people began searching for ways to generate premium links of Share Online files without a premium account. This new demand of users led to the origin of the service like a premium link generator. With a premium link generator, you can generate Share Online premium links without a premium account. You don’t have to pay anything to download files at full speed you just need to find a working and reliable premium link generator. Though, there are many Share Online premium link generators available only a few of them work. One of the best Share Online premium link generators is reevown(dot)com.

You can access this website by putting the website address into your browser. The website offers Share Online premium link generating services for free. With this website, you can generate Share Online premium links of files up to the size of 1 gigabyte.

Steps To Generate Premium Link For Share Online

  1. Go to the website reevown(dot)com.
  2. Click on the Share Online option from the left-hand navigation menu. You will be redirected to the Share Online premium link generator page.
  3. In the empty white box where it says–Enter the Share-Online URL here. Enter the file URL of the Share Online website there.
  4. Then click on the “Download File” button. Wait for the page to reload. The premium link will be generated for your file and you will be able to download your desired file at full speed now.

Just a quick note, to access the reevown website you must disable your AdBlock plugin if you have that enabled. If you are using an AdBlock solution then the website will give you an error saying–“Please disable your AdBlock and then refresh the page”. So make sure that you disable anything that is blocking ads on this website. Since this website is free, you can understand that it is necessary to show ads to keep the website alive. So I advise you the same.

You can also check how much per data you have left on your IP. This Share Online website allows you to download your file up to 1 Gigabyte per 24 hours. To make sure that you don’t waste your 1 GB per day limit, use a reliable download manager. If you are using a download manager like IDM or jDownloader then it would be great. If you are using the browser’s in-built download then you might experience some hiccups.

Share Online Premium Link Generator (Update)

Here is an update about the website and the Share Online premium link generator. The website Share Online has been shut down by the police of EU countries.


The raids on the various data centers of the Share Online website were made by the German, France and Holland police. Share is known to be the largest file hosting website in Germany. Since this website is down now the people are not able to download anything from the website.

The Share Online website was a very famous site and it used to receive monthly traffic of approximately 10 million per month. The website has millions of files hosted on its 700 servers. As it was a file hosting site, the people used to store all kinds of stuff. The stuff such as copyrighted movies, 18+ films, and music. This is the main reason why the website was shut down by the police as it hosted much illegal stuff on its servers.

The website used to offer premium account ranging from $11 to $44. The $11 package was for 28 days time period and the $44 package was for six months. According to the reports, the Share Online generates an approximate revenue of $56 million. The premium accounts offered additional benefits that were restricted on the free accounts of the Share Online website.

Rundown: Share-Online Premium Link Generator

Sadly, the Share Online premium link generator is not working now. Since the shut down of the Share Online website, the premium link generator websites have no means to generate the premium link for Share Online. It is very sad to see Share Online go away and now people are looking to generate premium links for it.

The reevown was one of the best free premium link generators for Share Online which is gone now as well. I haven’t found any other alternative for it, so that is why I am unable to share a solution for it. If you are looking to download files from Share Online, I suggest you look at some other file-hosting sites that have the same file hosted on it. The other popular alternative to Share Online is rapidgator. You can have a look at the website and create a free account on it. If you want to look at uploaded premium link generator you have a look at the top 10 best uploaded premium link generator that I have shared on my website.