Top 10 Stranger Chat Apps That You Will Love (Only Best)


Stranger chat apps can be used to find new friends if you are finding yourself lonely. In the modern days, you do not have to sit lonely in your room thinking whom you should talk to because it is very easy these days to make new friends.

These stranger chat apps are also sometimes known as anonymous chat apps. This is because these apps allows you to talk to anybody in the world without showing your face. Thus making you anonymous. But if you want to make good friendship online then you must have a genuine profile setup.

Not only these apps will help you find a friend from your location but also from the other part of the world. Once you get connected on these chat apps, you can then talk with each other. These apps gives you functions such as sending text messages (which is obvious), sending photos, video chatting etc.

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With that said let us have a look at the most uprising chat apps for strangers to talk.

1. Holla

Holla is a famous video chat app for strangers who are serious about creating new friends. If you are the kind of person who is in search of a soulmate then this app will help you. After creating a account on the app you will be able to video chat with lot of potential people. More than 10 million people are using the Holla chat app for find new friends in their life and expanding their social circle. There is absolute no need to worry if you are using this stranger chat apps for finding new friends.

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2. Moco

Moco is another very popular app which helps you in making new friends and talking with them. This app comes in the top famous stranger chat apps. This is the reason why it is liked by people all around the globe. You can use this app for finding new stranger friends nearby. Not only that but this app is also very beneficial for the single person. So if you are single then you can download this app and make new friends quickly. You can make friends from more than a million people using this app. These people can be near your location or can be from another country. Whatever might be the case, you can still find your love on this platform.

Moreover you can play games with your newly added friends. Making a video call is also an added feature of this app. You can really spice up your friends on video chat if you are looking to make long time relationships. Once you have established a good friendship online then you can meet that person in real world.

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3. Say Hi Chat

Hi app is good app for dating people and getting mingle. Hi helps you to find new people surrounding you. It is mostly used for finding a partner. You can find a partner on this app and chat, video chat and finally meet them in person. This app contains lots of additional features as well. You will fall in love with just Hi with all the helpful features that this chat apps provides.

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4. Liv U

Liv U is one of the best in terms of meeting strangers online and chatting with them. You can make new friends online and then meet them in person. The app is completely free to use by anyone. Since it is a free online chatting app you don’t need to worry about paying anything. You can make your next new friend from the other side of the world, which is very cool. The app has people from various parts of the world who have different backgrounds and religions.

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5. Hago

Probably you might have already heard about this app. I am guessing based on the fact that this app is used by millions and millions of people worldwide. You might be the one who is already using it now. The popularity of this app speaks for itself and that is why Hago is included in this list of stranger chat apps. If you go to the Google Play store now, you will find that Hago is one of the trending app to find new friends. With the help of playing games on Hago you can meet strangers and make them your new friends.

Hago is used by people of different surrounding which means you can really find many types of person on this app. The apps comes with built in games that you can play with strangers anytime. No matter if it is day or night people are always ready to talk. The app has more than 30 games. You can chat with the players and also video call them if you really want to be friends with them.

One of the unique feature of Hago app is that it allows you to create chat room. In the chat room you can chat with strangers while playing your games. This feature is quite interesting for most of the people. The other fun part apart from playing games is that you get to earn mobile recharge, ecash, etc.

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6. Tantan

More than 100 million men and women who want to date and find a perfect match are signed in to Tantan. Tantan is one of the most exciting way of meeting new people and expanding your social circle. The interface of this app is simple. The app comes with a feature where you can like strangers profile if you wish to talk with them. If you get replied after liking a profile you can then chat with that person. You can talk to female strangers online with this app and have fun with them.

A quick tip for getting replies is to setup your profile as a genuine user. Use your original profile image and give accurate information about you. If you do only that then you are guarantee to get good number of replies after liking a person profile.

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7. Mico

Mico is a instantly random live chat app to meet new people. This chat app provides interesting live streams, surprises with random strangers chat, funny photos, short videos and live group chat. You can chat with people all over the world without any language issue. Find new friends and then meet them with Mico.

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8. Zakzak Pro

Zakzak Pro is a popular live chat app which connects stranger people together from the world. This stranger chat app provides a platform where you will meet new people and a lot of talented stars and new friends. Like with all the other apps in the list, this stranger chat app also provides you many features to communicate. You can send text messages, video call, apply beauty effects and much more. You can also express your feelings with cute emojis.

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9. Top U

Top U is other best stranger chat app. You can video chat with strangers using this app and make them your friends. If you lagging fun and spiciness in your life then you will glad to know that this app has lots of stylish and cool people to be friends with. The people who use Top U are spread across the whole world, this means you are going to find new people from different cultures and background. This would be awesome for the people who love to explore new cultures and make new friends as well.

The app features its own emoji to make your conversations funny and engaging. Moreover this app will keep your video chat and text history privately. This can only be accessed by you if you ever wish look at the fun moments who had with strangers. Adding cherry to the cake, a huge amount of filters are also provided withing this app to make your videos more attractive.  Meet new friends and start free videos with Top U.

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SKOUT is world famous network to connect with new people. Millions of people are connecting, meeting with SKOUT. SKOUT gives you update from nearby users. You can promote your profile save your favourite users and meet them.

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Final Thougts

So this was our list of top stranger chat apps. You can use these apps on the weekends to find new friends. You can use any of the above listed apps and figure out which is the best for you. There is not single app that will liked by anyone. That is why you will have to make a final decision by choosing a app or two which suits you best.

These random chat apps are very fun and engaging which are surely a good deal to try out. You can make new friends very easily by using any of the above app.

Finally, if you have any other chat app in your mind then let us know via the comment section below.