Textsheet: 5 Alternatives That Are Still Working In 2020


Textsheet was a very good resource for students to help them in their homework assignments and projects. It was a free website used to provide all the answers to students’ questions for free. So basically the Textsheet.com was a copied version of the paid chegg.com site. You might be already familiar with the chegg.com site. It is a platform for students to help them with their homework or projects. But the Chegg is not a free website. Therefore the Textsheet website emerged for providing free service to the students.

The Textsheet website used to take the URL from the Chegg website and displayed the answer. Originally, if you would go to Chegg to get the answer to your desired question it will be blurred, and you would have to pay Chegg for blurring it. But the Textsheet website did this work for you. It unblurred the paid answers from the Chegg website without any compensation. Due to this, the Textsheet website was considered as a piracy website and it was shut down because of the legal case against it. This legal notice was laid down by the famous website Chegg itself. So at last, the Textsheet website was made to shut down.

But people are still looking for Textsheet alternatives, which are very hard to find. One such Textsheet alternative emerged with the name LITAnswers, but soon it was also taken down by the DMCA notice. So the people are now left stranded without having an alternative for Textsheet. People are now searching Reddit for a Textsheet alternative but they are not finding it their as well.

So that is why I am compiling this post of the best alternatives to Textsheet. I have also researched Reddit before writing this post. So if you were searching for Textsheet alternatives on Reddit then you can relax because I have covered all the working alternatives in this list. So without any further talking let’s start with the list of the best and working Textsheet alternatives.

1. Slader

So the best alternative to Textsheet, as close as it can get is Slader. The Slader is the working Textsheet alternative and it is free. With Slader, you can find step-by-step solutions to the majority of your questions. With the step-by-step solutions and easy explanations, you are bound to get your answered solved quickly and easily. With this Textsheet alternative, you can search for your desired textbook from the homepage of the website and get instant help.

The Slader is an independent website, unlike Chegg. It is a website that is supported by independent students and teachers all over the world. Initially, the Slader website started with only math, but with time as the Slader community expanded the books in the Slader database also begin to pile up. Today, the Slader has a huge database of books and subjects ranging from Algebra to Zoology. There is a book for every student. No matter what your age is, in middle school or grad school, the Slader is going to be handy for your studies.

Apparently, this Textsheet alternative also has an iOS and Android app that you can download from App Store and Google Play Store respectively. The app and the website are totally free to use and get answers from. But you might have to face a few ads while doing your homework with this site. But that is all fine since you are getting all the help you need for free of cost. If you still think that you want to block the ads appearing on the website then you should consider buying the Pro plan of Slader.

You can register on the website for free and enjoy all the content of the website and its features. You can search the book by its title or by using its ISBN number. The ISBN number is a 13-digits number that you can find above the bar code which is given on the back of your textbook. Also, sometimes that ISBN code is given in the first few pages of the book. After entering your book title or ISBN number, most likely you will find the solution for the question that you are looking for. But still, if you do encounter a book that is not solved or not in the search result then you can ask the Slader community to upload your desired book. All I can say is that Slader is the best Textsheet alternative that you can find right now.

2. CourseHero

The second best replacement for the Textsheet is CourseHero. It is a platform designed specifically for students to get study guidance. On the website, you can access more than 30 million course-specific study materials. On the CourseHero website, you will find practice test papers, study guides with the notes and videos. The explanations on the website are very concise and in a step-by-step manner. You can get the answer to almost any of your subjects ranging from economics to literature, biology to history, accounting to psychology, and everything in between. You can quickly find what you are looking for on this alternate website of Textsheet.

To search for a course on the CourseHero website, you need to enter the school name and the name of the course. After that, you can click on the “Find Your Course” button to get the course in front of you. Also, the very popular courses are already presented on the homepage of the website.

You can look at the sample solutions on the website without even creating your account. But to look for the full solution you have to subscribe to a premium plan of this website. But don’t worry, this website also gives an opportunity to earn free access to the premium plan of the website. To earn a free pass to the premium account you need to first create an account on the CourseHero website. Now, don’t worry you don’t need to pay for the account. The account can be created for free.

After creating your account you just need to upload your original study materials on the website. This way you can contribute to the study of other students and also get to use CourseHero for free. For more information, you can visit the FAQ section of the website where you can find answers related to the CourseHero website.

Just as a brief, any unblock that you earn for free can be used for 30 days. Within these 30 days, you are free to view the full documents, Textbook Solutions, Explanations, and Q&As. Questions that you earn to ask for free can be used to get help from online tutors at any time of the day within the first 30 days.

CourseHero is a great alternative to the Textsheet website. I have shared this website in the second place because you get a chance to use this website for free. Some other Textsheet alternatives in this list are paid but this website you can use for free as well. Nevertheless, this Textsheet alternative website can be used for learning a large number of subjects. Also, you can refer your friends for earning free questions. Every friend that you refer that joins that becomes the premium member at CourseHero, you receive free eight questions. Not only that, but your friend will also get a 20% discount when signing up using your link. So it is a win-win.

3. Chegg

The next similar website like the Textsheet is Chegg. Actually, it is more than similar. I should say that it is exactly like the Textsheet but with one hurdle that aches everyone. And that is that this Textsheet alternative is a paid website. As I explained above, the Textsheet website used to get answers using the Chegg API but for free. So the Chegg website itself will have all the answers that you used to find on the Textsheet website.

This website has a large collection of textbook solutions that you can quickly grab to do your homework assignment. If you have any difficulty while doing your homework you can get help from the subject matter experts in no time. The tutors at Chegg are always ready to tackle any question coming their way. With a fast and friendly tutor, you will be able to get your homework or project done in no time. Apart from this, the Chegg website can be one and all study destinations for you.

On the Chegg website not only you will find expert solutions to your questions but also other things as well that will help you to excel in your studies. The Chegg offers different products for different verticals. The products of Chegg include–Chegg Tutors, Chegg Study, Chegg Books, Chegg Math Solver, Chegg Prep, Chegg Internships.

You can opt for the Chegg study pack which starts at a monthly cost of $19.95.

With Chegg study pack you get the following benefits:

  • Homework solutions – Search from more than 32 million homework problems explained step-by-step.
  • Expert Q&A – Get help from the subject matter experts in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Video Guides – Learn to solve a problem easily by watching the video walkthrough of your desired Textbook Solution or subject.
  • Practice Sets – Access how much have you prepared for your exams by doing the practice problems listed on the website.
  • Plagiarism & grammar – Catch copied content and grammatical errors in your papers.

Watch an introduction to the Chegg study below:

Honestly, Chegg is the best alternative to Textsheet. The reason I have put it in the third number is that it is paid and most people want the free stuff. But if you are serious about your studies and you want to get good grades in your exams then you can surely rely on this Textsheet alternative website.

4. Crazy For Study

Crazy For Study is yet another alternative to the Textsheet website. The Crazy For Study also referred to as CFS is a search engine where you can search for your academic problems. This website provides various services in the field of education and learning. The website database consists of millions of homework questions, textbook solutions and assignments helpt to help in your academic endeavors.

Crazy For Study is run by professionals who are continuously trying to provide you with better services. The team of experts behind CFS has brilliantly organized the content on the website so that you can easily get in front of your desired textbook solution. This Textsheet alternative website has a database of more than 50 million textbook solutions. So you can pretty much get an ideat that this website can be a huge benefit for your studies.

Here is the list of the disciplines that you can find on the CFS website:

  • Accounting
  • Science/Math
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Humanities
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Writing
  • Statistics

Although the whole website can be divided into above broad disciplines you have a lot more subjects to study on CFS. The experts and professors are constantly getting new topics and subjects and those new topics and subjects are being added in their database regularly. Their team of experts and professors covers a wide variety of subjects such as Biology to Economics, Physics to Computer Science and even some of the rarely sought out subjects such as Anthropology, Pedagogy, Liberal Arts and the like.

Another great thing about this website is that you can get a package starting only from $3 dollars a month. With the subscription, you will get immediate access to all the content on the website. You will be able to access the website content 24/7 from any part of the world. The website has also created a knowledge base section where you can solve problems regarding the CFS website itself. I would definitely recommend checking out this Textsheet alternative. If you don’t want to pay Chegg then you go with this website because it is way cheaper than the Chegg website.

5. Textsheet Old Website

While I was searching for the Textsheet alternative website on Reddit I found a user that commented a link to the older version of the Textsheet website. You can access the old Textsheet website from this link. So basically, it is the copied version of the Textsheet website that was saved by the Internet Archive. You can visit the link and try searching for your desired textbook. If you are lucky, you will find the answer to your question. Since this is a copied version of the Textsheet website, it is not completely accessible. But still, you can try it out as a Textsheet alternative website.

Rundown: Textsheet Alternatives

So this was all about the alternative websites to Textsheet. I have only compiled websites that are currently working. Personally, I would suggest you go with Slader or the Crazy For Study website. These websites are offering very good services. But at last, it is your call which website you want to choose and which one to leave. Also, people often try to look for methods on how to bypass Chegg. But the sad reality is that you can’t bypass Chegg. The only way was Textsheet which is down currently.

At last, I would urge you to comment on your favorite Textsheet alternative below. I would love to hear from you about this list. If you think that some other alternative website to Textsheet should be added into the list then comment on the link below. You can share this article with your friends and like-minded people so that they can also use these great websites for their academic life.

Here are a few questions that user searches for on the web regarding Textsheet:

What Happened To Textsheet?

So the Textsheet website was brought down by the owners of the famous Chegg website. The Textsheet received a legal DMCA notice from Chegg after which it is unavailable on the Internet.

How To Use Textsheet?

The Textsheet website can no longer be used now since it has been shut down. You can try the alternatives that are available on the web.

Why Is Textsheet Not Working?

After the DMCA complaint filed against the pirated website Textsheet. It has been shut down and currently not working. Still, you can access the older version of the Textsheet website by visiting the Wayback machine.

How Does Textsheet Work?

The Textsheet used to show the hidden answers on the Chegg website for free. It basically was a way to bypass the Chegg website and look at all the answers for free.