Unblock YouTube At School: 5 Easy Methods That Actually Works!

unblock youtube at school

Hello friends, in this tutorial you are going to learn how to unblock youtube at school. So try these methods and figure out which one works for you to unblock youtube at school.

In my school days, I and my friends were also fond of watching videos on youtube. But our school faculty has blocked our access to major sites like youtube, facebook etc.

Our school had a firewall named Cyberoam to block the access to youtube.

So, now they thought that we have no way to access youtube or facebook. But they were wrong. By a quick search on google, I found a way to unblock the Cyberoam firewall.

I tried that method and it worked!

So I and my friend were very happy to access youtube at our school.

Unblock YouTube At School

You can also try these methods at your school/college to unblock youtube. I hope that these methods will work for you.

So let’s get started.

#1. Unblock Youtube By Using A Proxy

So the method that I used to unblock youtube at school was using a proxy server. It is the quickest and easiest ways to unblock youtube and all other blocked websites.

Nowadays there are the lot of proxy sites which you can use to unblock youtube. You simply have to visit the proxy site and enter the youtube URL and you are good to go.

The proxy site that I used to unblock youtube at school was site2unblock. You can also try this website to unblock youtube at school. But, Nowadays better proxy services are available than site2unblock.

The two most popular proxy sites are:


free proxy site proxysite

The ProxySite is a free web proxy that you can use to unblock youtube at school. The design of this proxy site is very clean and easy to navigate. This proxy site can also unblock the most popular sites like youtube, facebook, twitter, reddit, imgur and google.

At the top of the text box where you enter the URL to use with the proxy, are various buttons to quickly jump right into those websites within the proxy.

You can pick between various proxy servers in the U.S. and Europe. They offer more than 20 servers to choose from.


hidester free proxy sites

Hidester proxy site is a very reliable free web proxy on the Internet. You can also use this proxy service to unblock youtube at school. You don’t need to install any software or apps to access hidester. Simply type in the youtube address and you will be instantly connected to the youtube.

The major benefit of using this free proxy site is that it is totally free. You don’t need to register on this website and also they don’t show any advertisement. This web proxy site is totally free and lets you visit any website, anytime, from anywhere.

You can choose between the U.S. or Europe server before you access a website.

If you want to know other top proxy sites then go to free proxy sites list.

Most of the time it is the case that the school’s network administrators actively blocks most popular proxy websites. But don’t worry, there are lots of proxy sites that you can use to unblock youtube. Just Google list of proxy sites and write take a note of them and try each one of them at your school until you find the right one.

So try this method to unblock youtube at school and tell me If it worked for you or not?

#2. Unblock Youtube By Using A VPN

If the above method didn’t work for you to unblock youtube you can use a VPN connection. This is the method that I used in my school days if any of the proxy sites was not able to unblock my desired website.

A VPN stands for virtual private network. A VPN is used to create a virtual network between you and a remote server.

I tried this method in my school to unblock youtube and other websites and it worked like charm. I was able to access all of the websites which were previously restricted by my school.

So, you can use a VPN in three different ways to unblock youtube at school.

  • Using it as a browser extension
  • As a software in desktop
  • Using it as an application on your smartphone

As A Browser Extension

So the first method is to use a VPN extension for your browser. I’m using chrome browser for this. Just follow the steps below:

1. Open this link into your chrome browser and add hotspot shield as an extension.

2. After you have added the extension, click on the hotspot shield icon on the top right corner. Then click on the connect button.

3. After pressing the connect button you will be connected to the virtual private network and you will see a screen which looks like this.

4. Now you can easily visit the website which was previously blocked by your network. In our case it is Youtube.

As A Software In Desktop

For this, you need to install a VPN software on your desktop. There is a lot of VPN software available you can choose either of them. But, I’m going to use the windscribe VPN.

It is a free VPN service provider and can be installed on almost all of your devices. So first of all download the windscribe VPN from this link.

Now simply follow the given steps:

1. Open the windscribe VPN.

2. Now choose any server location that you want and then click on the large button on the right.

3. Wait a few seconds and you will see that you are successfully connected to the VPN server.

4. Once you are connected to the VPN server you can try accessing youtube. Using a VPN is the method that always worked for me. I hope it also works for you.

VPN In Your Smartphone

Apart from using a virtual private network in your browser or in your desktop, you can also use it in your smartphone.

Back in the days I used Psiphon VPN in my android phone but now shifted to Turbo VPN.

1. Simply go to this link and download the turbo VPN app and install it.

2. After installing simply open the app and hit connect.

3. Choose the server that you want to connect to and you are good to go.

4. Once you are connected to the VPN try opening Youtube and see if it worked.

Although, there are chances that your school might have proactively blocked major VPNs it is worth giving a shot. Try out different VPNs available and find out one which is not much popular but works for you.

#3. Unblock Youtube Using TOR Browser

Majority of the people know about virtual private networks and use them. But only a few of them are aware of this browser called TOR also known as The Onion Router.

If you are someone who likes to peek around stuff related to hacking then you may have heard about this browser.

Many journalists use Tor to protect their research and sources online, undercover agents use Tor for communications, Businesses use Tor to keep their business strategies protected.

You can use Tor browser to your advantage and unblock youtube at school using it. You just need to connect to the tor network using the Tor browser.

Follow the steps below to unblock youtube at school using tor:

1. First, go this link and download the browser for your device.

2. Now just install the browser on your device and start the browser.

3. After your browser is opened you can go to any URL by typing in the address bar.

4. Now in the address bar type www.youtube.com and see if it works or not. If it worked great for you if it did not then move on to the next step.

#4. Downloading Youtube Videos

So, if you tried the above-mentioned methods and none of them worked then don’t get disappointed. You are not able to watch the videos online, but you can surely watch them offline. Here’s is a workaround that you can use to watch Youtube videos.

You know that when we search on Google it shows us different tabs like– images, videos etc. Now, you can use the Google’s video search to your advantage.

1. Search for the name of the video on Google that you want to watch. Chances are that the video will pop up at the top of the search page. But if it didn’t then go to the videos tab.

2. There you’ll see a bunch of videos link and most of them are Youtube links. So now you need to copy the URL of the video that you wish to watch. Simply right click on the search result and copy the URL.

3. Now, you simply need to paste the URL in the address bar and write ss in front of youtube. So if the URL is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WSgJCYIewM  it will become  https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=3WSgJCYIewM 

4. After that, you will be redirected to a website where you can easily download the youtube video. There are various formats to choose from.

#5. Use A Anonymous Operating System

So if are still unable to unblock youtube at school you can try this method. In this method, you need to install a Linux based operating system called Tails.

The good part is that you need not to directly install this operating system on your computer. You simply have to create a live bootable Pendrive to use Tails.

Tails is a live operating system that you can start on almost any computer from a USB stick or a DVD. Basically, this Operating System uses the Tor network to communicate with the other devices on the Internet.

Generally, Tails is mostly used by cybersecurity professionals to provide them online anonymity.

Now in Tails OS not only a specific browser is connected to the Tor network but the whole Operating System. That means all of your machines traffic will be routed through the Tor network.

Watch the following video on Introduction to Tails OS to get a better understanding of how Tails Operating System works.

Bonus Step

Unblocking youtube can be an embarrassing task if your school management took every measure to restrict its access. But you can use some workarounds if you really want to watch a video that is on youtube. Here is a bonus step that you can try if you are not able to unblock youtube at school.

Look For Alternatives Of Youtube

At last, If you tried each of the methods above and still find yourself out of luck; then I suggest you look for youtube alternatives.

There are lot’s streaming websites like youtube where you can easily find entertainment and information content.

For educational videos, sites such as TeacherTube, SchoolTube, and safeshare.tv offer alternatives to YouTube. These sites are often unblocked by school networks, as the content is monitored and is all educational.

The two website which I used when I was unable to access youtube were tubidy and yaaya. On these sites, you can find a plethora of videos. Also, almost all of the videos available on the youtube are present on these sites too. So try them out and find out the video that you want to watch.

Rundown: Unblock Youtube At School

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. As you know youtube is a video-sharing website that allows you to share and watch videos online.

Youtube is also a great source of fun and knowledge. Unfortunately, our schools and organizations block YouTube and other websites which at the time are very helpful.

But I hope you were successful to unblock youtube at school using the above methods. If you know other methods to unblock youtube at school let me know in the comment section.