WatchSeries: Top 10 Alternatives + Proxy List (100% Working)


Watchseries is a website where you can stream the latest TV shows online for free. Due to various legal claims received against the website the URL of the website has constantly being changed by the owners of the site. A few days back, the website was completely off the Internet but after that, the website emerged online from a different URL with all the same content.

It is very frustrating to see that your favorite Watchseries website is going down frequently and changing URLs. People who are crazy about watching their favorite series online on Watchseries might get frustrated more. So for those people, I am going to share 20 alternative websites just like Watchseries where you can stream online TV shows free of cost.

WatchSeries Online Alternatives

Nowadays, people don’t want to go to the cinema to watch any movie. It might be because they want to save some time commuting and save a few bucks as well. That might be the reason that most of the people tend to stream movies and TV shows online. The website list that I am going to share below does not only include TV shows but also the latest movies. This means that you can watch your favorite movies as well as the TV shows on the following website. These are some of the best alternatives to the Watchseries website.

The websites listed below are in no specific order. All of them are very similar websites but surely you will find some of the more usable than others. So I would suggest to test all of them and choose the best that works for you.

What happened to Watchseries online?

The watchseries website is down right now but the content of the website is accessible from many proxy and alternatives sites. You check out the following alternatives to the Watchseries online website to binge-watch your favorite shows now.

1. Flixtor

I guess you might have already heard about this website before. The Flixtor website is very famous among the people who like to stream online TV shows and movies for free. The website contains tons of great TV series and movies. Flixtor is more of a search engine for all of your desired movies and TV shows. It does automated scans on the web of the streaming sites available on the Internet and then lists the links of the episodes which have the best quality. Seriously, you are going to love this website when you land on the website and see how amazing it is. The look and the design of the website are very user-friendly and it provides great user experience overall.

On the website, you can find your favorite TV series very quickly. You can either use the search feature of the website or use other options for finding TV shows. From the TV shows section, the shows can be sorted in many ways. The top 3 sorting options include–Latest Release Dates, Best Rated and Sorted By Name. You can check out the website for more filters as well. Watching TV series on Flixtor is very easy. Simply click on the series that you would like to watch and then click on the desired episode on the next page. The episode will start streaming instantly.

Besides, you also have the option to download the full episode but for that, you have to become the VIP member of the website. Which means you have to pay a few bucks to download the stuff from Flixtor. But overall, I don’t think that you would need to download shows from Flixtor because the server links on the Flixtor websites are very stable and the videos stream with high speed. You can choose video quality from the video player and choose the resolution which you like the most or which suits your Internet connection speed.

In my opinion, Flixtor is the best Watchseries alternative website. Let me know what you think about the website in the comment section.


2. Soap2day

So the next best alternative to the Watchseries website is Soap2day. Streaming the latest TV shows on this website is a piece of cake. You get to choose from a wide variety of shows available. You can watch series online from this website for completely free. Different TV series genre on the website includes but not limited to are–Action, Horror, Comedy, Music, Mystery, Fantasy, and Crime. From the TV list section of the website, you get a huge catalog of online series to stream from. The top TV shows and newly released shows are also being listed on the right-hand side of the website. If you can’t seem to remember any series title to watch in your free time, just have look at the most popular titles on the website. This website perfectly serves the user who wants to watch series online without paying anything. The shows that are aired on TV channels are also added on this website within a few hours.

I liked the website very much because the streaming speed on this website was blazing fast. There was no buffer on the video or any kind of lag. All the shows that I have watched on this site streamed flawlessly. You can also visit this website using the link below. The following link will lead to the original Soap2day website where you get to choose from any of the four URLs. Select any URL from the page and you are good to go.


3. Watchseries Video

The Watchseries video website has all your favorite shows that you binge-watch in your free time. It consists of lots of TV shows in different genres. The genre of the site includes action, drama, horror, thriller and many others. On the homepage of the website, you will find the list of all the shows based on their popularity.

This Watchseries alternative website has the most up to date video links of all the episodes. The great thing about this streaming website is that it has lots of mirror links for the same episode. So this means you can stream episodes of your favorite series from many different links. Just as a quick tip, keep trying all the streaming links on your favorite browser and then find out which gives the best speed. Then use that streaming website thereafter for watching all your TV shows on Watchseries video.

From the Watchseries website itself, you can see the details of the TV shows and tons of video streaming information for free.  You can also watch the newest that just streamed on TV on this website for free. Simply jump to the “Newest Shows” section from the top navigation bar. If anytime, you feel difficulty watching shows on this website click on the “How To Watch” Link from the navigation menu. You will find a step by step tutorial on how to enjoy Watchseries video for free.


4. Watchseries TV

After the shut down of the original Watchseries website, many similar sites are been coming up on the Internet. Among those one site is Watchseries TV. This website looks exactly like the original Watchseries website and has all its content.

The domains and are also being redirected to the address On the Watchseries TV website, you can stream TV shows for free. You have the option to choose from many servers while watching any episode online. You get to choose the server from these different video link providers–Server m1, Vidnode, Hydrax, Xtreamcdn. So if any of the domain sounds familiar to you and which you know streams best in your country, be sure to choose that while watching any show on Watchseries TV.

To watch TV series on Watchseries TV you don’t need an account, though there is an option to create a free account for anyone. From the website, you can stream from all-time best TV series to the recently aired ones. All the popular TV series are also arranged in a separate section that you can have look at conveniently.

No doubt, Watchseries comes amongst the top Watchseries website to stream your favorite TV episodes. On top of providing a huge collection of online TV series, the Watchseries TV website shows very minimum advertisements. Unlike other streaming sites you won’t be bombarded with lots of annoying ads on this website. This means you can enjoy your free time with peace of mind on Watchseries TV.


5. Watchseries Movie

So this website is exactly a copy of the above-given website but has a different URL. You can see that these two websites look exactly like the original Watchseries website. Some people who are unable to access the above website because of country restrictions can try this website.

You can stream the latest TV shows from this website as well. If you have enabled any Adblock plugin when visiting this site then make sure to disable it if you face any difficulty while streaming. Apart from that, everything is good and you can use Watchseries Movie as a Watchseries website replacement.

Just a quick warning, this website contains a lot of pop up ads. Although you might find it a great Watchseries replacement, you need to be a little cautious when using it. If you have to disable your Adblock to watch shows on this website then you might stress yourself by seeing all those annoying popup ads. So as per my recommendation, try some other website listed on this page for watching streaming shows.


6. TVMuse

Yet another great website which could serve as a Watchseries alternative is TVmuse. This website has a very clean design like Flixtor and has a lot of TV shows listed in its database. You can create a free account on the website if you wish to download the episodes from the website. However, if you don’t want to create an account you can still stream all your favorite series episodes on this website for free.

From the menu on the left-hand side, you can view TV listing according to alphabetical order or by the date of release. To view the TV series listing in alphabetical order click on the “TV listing” option. By clicking on the “Calendar” option you will get to see the list of the recently added shows on the website.

The shows are available to stream online in 1080p full HD quality. If you think that your favorite series is not available on this website you can request to add that series to the website by visiting the “Request” tab from the menu.


7. Watchseries-Online

To watch the series online, the next reliable website is Watchseries-Online. Although, the website is not great looking it serves the purpose well. You can use this website to watch streaming shows online for free. From the homepage, you can search for your favorite TV series by entering the title in the search bar. If you don’t have any show in your mind then you can click on the “Last 350 eps.” option from the top menu. The website allows you to stream TV shows from different servers for free.

Not only you can watch series online for free but download them as well. You don’t need to create an account to even download the episode that you want. On top of that, the website has a feature where you can add a working link to the episode to share with other users as well. Because of this reason Watchseries-online always has more than 20 links for the majority of episodes. This means you can choose any of those servers to stream online. If one doesn’t work for you, you have plenty of links left still.


8. LookMovie

In the list of Watchseries alternative websites, the next alternative to watch series online is Lookmovie. You can find almost any show that you have in your mind on this website. The only drawback of this website is that it has a lot of popup ads that you might annoy you. Also, it is sometimes very tricky to close the pop-up ad that is appearing in front of you. That is why I would suggest this website to only those users who are a little bit techie and know what they are clicking on.

To block all the intrusive ads on this website and to watch series online without any stress you become the premium member on the site. Although, you don’t require an account as a free member you have to create one if you would like to become a premium customer on the website. Also, this website does not allow the use of Adblock. So if you are thinking to use this website with Adblock then you won’t be able to stream any series on this website. Nevertheless, this website is a very good alternative to the Watchseries website. The look and the design of the website feel like a premium streaming site but the annoying ads ruin the experience of a user. If you can tackle ads, then you can use this as a replacement to the Watchseries website to watch series online.


9. PutLocker

PutLocker is a popular website which you can use to watch series online in different video qualities. Three different video qualities on the website include–360p, 480p, and 720p. On top of that, you get to choose from more than 5 different servers to stream episodes from. Not only you get to watch full episodes on the website but you can also watch the latest movies at high-quality as well. The site is supported by ads and offers good usability for the users.

On the TV-series section of the website, you get a wide variety of filters to narrow the list of catalog. If you have any TV series title in your mind, you can put that in the search bar on the top right corner of the website. This way, you can stream your favorite show as quickly as possible. TV-series on PutLocker are also categorized according to the country. From the bottom of the page, you can see that the 4 different categories are–United States, Korea, China, and Taiwan.


10. Vumoo

The Vumoo website contains all the latest TV series episodes in one place. The layout of the website is very clean and user-friendly. You can watch series online on the website without registration. All the latest TV series are being added on this website on a regular basis so that you get to enjoy the most exclusive content. The individual episodes of all the series are also very nicely organized on the website. You can quickly navigate your way to each episode with just a click of a button.


11. SeriesStream

I found this website on a Reddit post while I was searching for watch series online on the web. Seriesstream is a good alternative to Watchseries to stream the latest TV shows without registration. The site contains a vast catalog of shows to choose from. Just so you don’t get lost in all these TV shows titles, the website also provides a convenient categorization in the form of Release year. Hovering over any show thumbnail shows you the IMDB rating, duration, and the number of views it has got on the website.

All the videos on the website are streamed from the openload website. If you have IDM installed on your PC then you might also get an option to download the movie on the website. And don’t worry if you have to verify yourself as a human. Simply click on the “I’m not a robot” and then click on the “Verify & Watch” button to start watching your favorite series. If the video stream in low quality or slowly then you can try changing the server.


12. CineBloom

CineBloom provides the latest TV episodes for free streaming online. Sometimes you might be asked to complete a captcha to avoid abuse of the website. Simply click on the “I am not a robot” button and the website will open. The website shows pop up ads even if you have Adblock installed on your browser. So you might find a bit annoying but overall the website provides a good platform to watch series online for free.

Different servers are provided so that you get the best speed while enjoying your TV shows on the website. For each show listed on the website you also get a link to the trailer of the show. This is good at times when you are just looking for a new show and you can have a glance at the trailer and then decide whether to watch the series or not.

Additionally, you can look at the comments of people from around the world and add yours as well by registering on the site.


13. Fmovies

This website acts as a great replacement for the original Watchseries website. The site has thousands of TV shows in its database and it is increasing daily. You can stream your favorite shows online in 1080 Full HD quality without any charge. The only thing that you need to do on this website in order to watch shows is to create a free account. An account is mandatory on this website if you want to stream your shows in the best quality possible. Besides that, the website also gives you an option to download shows from their high-speed servers. There are lots of TV genres that you can pick from.

Top TV series genres on this website are–Action, History, Thriller, and Sci-Fi. you can also visit the “Top IMDB TV” from the footer of the website where this website has listed all the top-rated shows according to IMDB. This will make it a lot easier for the new streamer to figure out which show they should watch first.


14. YesMovies

The site has all the latest and greatest TV shows in its database. Just like Fmovies, this website also has a great user interface which almost feels like a premium streaming website. You can stream series online on this website even without creating an account. The website gives you access to all of its content for free.

You can choose a server that gives you the best speed in your area since a single episode is hosted on more than one server. Also, on every single episode, you can leave a comment representing what you felt about the episode that you just watched. This will help new users of the website to get a review of the episode. If you have created an account on this website then you also mark a show as your favorite for future reference.


15. SeeHD

SeeHD has a wide variety of streaming shows. You can watch series online using the website in HD quality. The website allows you to stream from three different servers. Also, it gives you a link to download a show. Trending movies and shows are being displayed on the right sight of the website. But you can search for your required show using the search bar anytime.


Proxy List: Watchseries

SL. No. Proxy/Mirrors Status Link
1. Online Click here
2. Online Click here
3. Online Click here
4. Online Click here
5. Online Click here
6. Online Click here
7. Online Click here
8. Online Click here
9. Online Click here
10. Online Click here
11. US Proxy Online Click here
12. UK Proxy Online Click here
13. Online Click here
14. Online Click here
15. Online Click here
16. Online Click here
17. Online Click here
18. Online Click here
19. Online Click here
20. Online Click here
21. Online Click here
22. Online Click here
23. Online Click here
24. Online Click here
25. Online Click here
26. Online Click here
27. Online Click here
28. Online Click here
29. Online Click here
30. Online Click here
31. Online Click here
32. fastdrama online Click here
33. couchtunerhub online Click here
34. online Click here
35 online Click here
36. My Watch Series online Click here
37. Watch Series Proxy OFFLINE N/A
38. WatchSeries Unblock OFFLINE N/A
39. Watch Series OFFLINE N/A
40. Watch Series proxy OFFLINE N/A
43. online Click here
44. online Click here
45. online Cllick here
53. Unblock WatchSeries Mirror OFFLINE N/A

Rundown: WatchSeries Alternatives To Watch Series Online

So this was my list of the best replacements for the Watchseries website. I have only shared 10 alternatives with you. In the coming future, I will be updating this list with more websites where you can watch series online for free.

From the above-listed sites, you can watch the latest series online for free. The majority of the sites also provide free movie streaming but some of them are specific to streaming series online. Regardless of that, I am sure that you are going to have a lot of fun watching all your favorite series online without paying anything.

These days, people are moving away from Cable TV media and shifting to online streaming. Some people opt for paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu but some people prefer to watch shows and movies for free. No matter what you think of streaming shows online but is guaranteed to be the future of media consumption.

The sites mentioned in the list provides you with the best quality streaming video links that you can watch at your convenience anytime. There are no subscription fees, it is totally free.

Furthermore, if you also want to share a site where we can watch series online for free, then let us know via the comment section. If you are facing any problem accessing these websites, drop your problem in the comment section as well. I would be happy to resolve it. If you liked the list then do share this post on your Facebook wall and with like-minded people.