51 Unknown Whatsapp Tricks That Are Goddamn Crazy!

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Many of us don’t know how to use the WhatsApp at its full potential. So that is why I have curate these 51 WhatsApp tricks to make you a champ at chatting on WhatsApp.


51 Unknown Whatsapp Tricks

Some of the tricks that I have shared are basic and some of them are advanced that not many people know. So if you know a trick then feel free to skip to the next one.

I hope you’ll get something helpful from this post.

#1. Automatically Reply To Your Friends

This is an awesome WhatsApp trick that I found when searching online. All the other WhatsApp tricks are also good but this one is my favorite. I bet you are going to love this trick.

For this trick to work you have to use an app called AutoResponder For Whatsapp. The app is very lightweight and also it doesn’t require you to root your phone. The app works very well with unrooted phones.

Whatsapp Auto Responder

When you first install the app you have to give the notification permission to the app by going to the settings. After that, you can set an automatic reply to your all of your chats or your selected chats.

After opening the app click on the add icon on the right bottom corner.

In the received message type the message to which you want to set the reply.

whatsapp trick to automatically reply screenshot 1

Then, in the reply message section type the message that you want to automatically send.

whatsapp trick to automatically reply screenshot 2

You can see that I have set two autoresponder messages. Now whenever some will send me hello the app will automatically reply hi to the person.

Isn’t that cool?!

When setting the automatic message reply to choose the option similarity match instead of exact match. This option will reply to all the messages that contain your set phrase ignoring all the cases.

#2. Reply Fast With The Popup Notification

This is a WhatsApp built-in feature that allows you to see popup notifications when you receive a message.

So, if you don’t have this feature enabled go the Settings–>Notifications–>Popup notification

enabling popup notification in whatsapp

Then select the option Only when screen “on”.

After activation this option you’ll get a popup like this whenever you receive a message.

popup notification

With this trick, you can instantly reply to people message without even opening the WhatsApp app. This saves you a lot of time.

#3. Create GIFs Within Whatsapp

You know that GIFs makes our conversation a whole lot of fun. Sending stickers and GIFs is what makes the conversation a fun way to interact. Until now you might be using popular GIF sites such as gypsy to send GIFs to your friends.

But do you know that you can create your own GIFs using WhatsApp? To be frank I came to know about this feature recently and I’m sharing it with you.

Whatsapp has a feature that allows you to make GIFs from videos. So if you have any video that you would like to convert in GIF format then follow the steps.

First of all, simply select the video by going to a WhatsApp chat.

Then trim the video to 6 seconds or less. Follow this step carefully, because in order to create GIFs your video must be under 6 seconds.

whatsapp trick to create gifs

Once the video is around or below 6 seconds you will get an option to convert that video into a GIF.

Simply click on the GIF button and send it to your friend. This trick surely deserves a place with all the othWhatsApp tricks.

The GIF video will have not sounds in it. Don’t freak out when you found that your GIF has no sound but your video does.

#4. Send Engaging Stickers

You already know that we can send emojis within our chat. But probably don’t know this cool feature of WhatsApp. With this feature, you can now send stickers to your friends without installing any third party keyboard app.

send stickers in whatsapp

When this feature was not launched by Whatsapp, many users tend to install some third-party keyboard apps to send stickers. But now, Whatsapp came with a new built-in feature to send stickers.

Even I was not aware of this Whatsapp trick when it was first launched.

download your sticker collection inside whatsapp

So, one day one my friend sent me a bunch of stickers, and I thought he used some kind of keyboard app. But when I asked him about this thing then he said that the stickers were now a built-in feature of the Whatsapp.

I learned this trick or feature from him and now I’m sharing it with you. I hope knowing this feature will make your chats more fun engaging.

#5. View Status Without Them Knowing

So, if you ever wondered how you can see anybody’s status without letting them know, then you are in luck, my friend. This trick is pretty easy to do and you can view anybody’s status without letting them know.

For this trick to work you’ll have to install an app called Status Saver. Simply click on this link to download this app via Google play store.

whatsapp tricks view status without them knowing

Once the app is downloaded, grant the storage permission and rest of the work will be done by this app itself. All of your Whatsapp statuses, no matter images or videos can be viewed inside this app.

Have a look in the image below.

status saver for whatsapp

Go to the videos section to view all the video status. To save any status to your gallery simply select the status and then click on the save icon on the top.

Then you’ll be able to see the status inside your gallery. I found this feature kind of cool. It is a simple and quick way to view all the status at one place. Also,   you can even make any saved status as your own status through this app.

#6. Save Status Without Installing Any App

If the above WhatsApp trick worked for you then you don’t need to read this one. I mean if you want to but this WhatsApp hack is the same the above one. But to this WhatsApp trick, you don’t need to install any app. I mean you can view Whatsapp Status from your Internal storage itself.

First of all install the app called ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store.

Once installed swipe from the left side and enable the option that says—show hidden files. It will be disabled by default, simply clicking on it will show the hidden files as well.

enable show hidden files

Now navigate to this folder carefully by going to your Internal Storage then—Whatsapp–>Media–>.Statuses.

In the .Statuses folder you will find all of your Whatsapp status including all the images and videos.

view whatsapp status inside file manager

You can now move or copy any status to other folders or even share it as your status.

I particularly shared this WhatsApp trick because my friends asked me about saving status without installing an app. They found this trick very very helpful. I hope it will be the case with you too.

#7. Use Two Whatsapp In a Single Phone

If you want to use two WhatsApp numbers in a single phone you will have to download an app called parallel space. With this app, you can have two and even more, than two WhatsApp accounts running in the same device.

Among all the WhatsApp tricks this WhatsApp trick is very useful because you can now separate your personal and professional life.

dual whatsapp in a single phone trick

What this app will do is that it will create a clone of the WhatsApp app which you can use separately. You can have a personal WhatsApp account setup in one WhatsApp and the professional one in the other. This will make your life a whole lot easier.

The app is sized about 8.3MB and is downloaded by over 100 Million people. With that number, you can guess this app is very popular.

And also, not only WhatsApp you can have clones of other apps two running in the same device using this app. The parallel space is one of the top free apps on the Android play store. The app has a rating of 4.6 stars which is given by its 3,504,200 users.

#8. Add Conversation Shortcuts

We all have lots of contacts on WhatsApp, but only a few friends that we chat regularly with. So if you want to access that chat right away you can add the chat to your home screen. This feature is known as chat shortcut.

To add a chat shortcut to your home screen, simply select the chat.

add chat shortcut in whatsapp

Then click on three vertical dots and choose the Add chat shortcut option.

Now go to your home screen, you’ll see the profile picture of that chat. Click on the profile and you’ll be taken right to the chat inbox.

chat shortcut on homepage

#9. Pin Important Chats At The Top

When you lot’s of contacts in your Whatsapp chat it becomes difficult to keep track of important chats. You can pin the important chats so that whenever you are inside WhatsApp, these chat appears at the top.

pinning chats in whatsapp

Simply select your important chats and then click on the pin icon at the top. You’ll see that the chats now appear at the top.

pinned chats

#10. Send Animated Emojis

Among hundreds of Whatsapp emojis, there is only one emoji that is animated. That emoji is of heart. You can find this animated emoji by searching for heart or by simply navigating to the second last tab of emojis.

You can see in the image which one is the animated emoji. The below image is screenshot so you’ll be not able to see the gif effect here.

whatspp trick to send animated emoji

Go try this WhatsApp trick yourself and let me know in the comments, was this trick new for you or not?

#11. Delete A Sent Message

There are times when we emerge into our emotions and send some message that we should not.

Imagine sending a message to your boss that you don’t intend to. This could lead you to serious trouble. But don’t worry, if you can’t control your emotions. You can totally control your WhatsApp chats.

So whenever you accidentally sent a message to someone you can delete the message within 7 minutes of sending it. This is built in feature provided by WhatsApp.

deleting a sent message in whatsapp

To use this feature simply select the message that you want to delete and click on the bin icon that appears on the top. Then select the option—Delete For Everyone. This option will delete the message from both ends.

#12. Spy On Other People Chats

Whatsapp gives an easy way to share your chat with others. Like if you want to share a chat that you had with your client to your boss, this trick is a must for you.

To share a chat, simply go inside the chat that you want to share.

Then click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner and then click on more option.

see other people chat on whatsapp

Select the option to Export Chat.

export a chat on whatsapp

Then you can export you chat to anyone via the commonly used sharing option.

To spy on others chats you can follow the same steps. So instead of sending your chat, you can borrow your friend’s phone for a while, then email yourself all the chats.

#13. Using Whatsapp As A Private Store

1. Go to WhatsApp and create a new group.

2. Choose any contact for your group. 1 contact is enough to make a group. Name your group set a profile photo if you want and click on big green tick.

3. Now go to the WhatsApp group that you just created. Click on the group name and remove all the participants in the group.

using whatsapp as a private store latest whatsapp tricks

4. Now, you’ll have only you as a group member. You can now share your files in this group and these will be only accessed by you.

#14. Read All Message At Once

When you are busy and don’t want to read all messages one by one. Use this simple trick to mark all messages as read.

read all messages at once

Select the unread chats and from the options dropdown select mark as read. All the chat notification will disappear now as all the message will be already read, all at once.

#15. Send Bold, Italics or Strikethrough Text

Are you bored with the same text that you send every time to your chats? Don’t worry, here is a simple trick to make your chat spicier.

With this WhatsApp trick, you can easily format the text inside your chats. You have three formatting options.

  • Use *text* for making the text bold
  • _text_ for making the text italic
  • Use ~text~ for making the text strikethrough

send bold, italics, strikethrough text on whatsapp trick

#16. Hide Your Profile Photo From Others

So do you want to know how to hide your last or how to hide your profile picture? Then next two WhatsApp tricks are all about these things. Actually, these are not tricks, just some settings.

But, I observed that many people don’t know about these simple hidden tricks. People are now aware of the awesome things that they can do with their Whatsapp account. So that is why I’m saying it as WhatsApp tricks.

What you need to do is to simply go to—Settings–>Account–>Privacy

You’ll see a screen like below image.

hide your profile photo from others

Profile Photo: You have You have three option to choose from that are–Everyone, My contacts, Nobody. Choose Nobody as your option. Now no will be able to see your profile photo as it will be hidden.

#17. Hide last Seen on Whatsapp

I assume you are currently in—Settings–>Account–>Privacy

hiding last seen trick

Last Seen: You have three option to choose from that are–Everyone, My contacts, Nobody. So if you don’t want to show anybody, that you were using Whatsapp till 2 AM the last night, then set the option to Nobody.

choose the option to nobody

But also remember, when you set this option to nobody, then you’ll also be not able to see last seen of other people. So it is kind of tit for tat by Whatsapp itself.

#18. Show Status Only To Private Contacts

Status Privacy: So if you want to control who can see your status then you can do using the status privacy feature. You have three options–My contacts, My contacts except, Only share with. So, if you want to share the birthday pictures of your girlfriend/boyfriend then select only your friend’s contacts, who can see your status update.

#19. Turn Off Message Read Function (Blue Tick)

Read Receipts: Simply scroll down a little and you’ll find this option. By default, the option is enabled. What you need to do is to disable the option by unticking the checkbox. So what this option does is that it disables the blue tick feature that you see when your message has read.

If you disable this feature the blue tick will not appear on the sender side even if you read the message. But the drawback of this feature is that you too will not be able to find that whether your message was read or not. Because the blue tick will not appear even the message has been read.

So, you can use this trick if you want to, but I personally don’t disable this feature.

#20. Set Profile Photo Without Cropping

So the next WhatsApp trick that I recently found when researching for this article is setting profile photos without cropping. I know many of you may have faced issues setting a profile picture that was either too wide or too large.

But now we have a solution to set photo of any size as our Whatsapp profile photo. For this WhatsApp trick, you need to download an app called Whatscrop.

trick to set whatsapp profile photo without crop

This app will make a large or wide image to fit inside the square area, hence making your photo square. Then you can easily set that profile photo as your Whatsapp do.

Although the app is very useful, sometimes very large images don’t look good when fit inside a square.

#21. Reveal WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Now you all know that we can delete a message through trick #[number]. But do you know that we can recover a deleted message? Probably, not.

So in this whatsapp trick, I’m going to show you how you can recover deleted messages. Not only messages but with the trick you can also recover the delete media files such as audio, photos, videos.

For this trick, you have to download an app called WAMR.

1. First of all, download the app.

2. Open the app and it will ask you to choose apps that you want to monitor. Select WhatsApp.

whatsapp hack to reveal deleted message

3. Then, just keep on clicking the right arrow button, when you are on the setup page, simply allow permissions for notification reader and the multimedia files too.

whatsapp hack to reveal deleted message allow permission

That’s it. Now you can recover deleted messages and media files.

What this app does is that it saves the notification that you get when a message is received. So when the sender deletes the message, the notification of that message still remains saved.

You can check saved notifications by going inside the app. I personally found this trick to be amazing. I told about this trick to my friends and they were very happy discovering this trick and thanked me.

#22. Use Cool Formatting For Your Message

Ever wondered how people send the text with cool styling? They use apps such as chat styles for formatting their text.

use cool formatting for your message

Another great app for sending cool text styles is stylish text. Download and enjoy sending cool messages like this.



use style text to send formatted messages on whatsapp

#23. Hide Your Whatsapp Chat

I’m pretty sure that you have not used this WhatsApp trick to hide your chats. Actually, you can move any chat to a folder known as Archived chats.

To archive a chat or hide a chat simply select the chat(s) and then click on the button on the top right corner that looks like a  download button.

whatsapp cheat to hide a chat

And you’ll see that your chat(s) will be hidden from the main area of WhatsApp.

To have a look at the archived chats, simply scroll down till the bottom and click on archived chats. That’s it. Let me know your feedback for this trick in the comment section.

#24. Mention A Person In A Group Chat

You already know that WhatsApp allows you us to have around 256 people in a group. So what would you do if you want to point a single person in the chat of 256 people?

The solution is to use the @ symbol. Type the @ symbol in the chat you’ll get the option to choose people from the group.

mentioning a person in a whatsapp group

You can select the person to whom you want to point the message and enter your message thereafter.

#25. Save Your Important Messages

In the busy lives ours, we sometimes forget to reply to an important message in a hurry. To counter this problem WhatsApp has a great inbuilt feature known as the starred message.

So whenever you receive an important message from your loved ones or your boss you can save in right away.

Just select the message and select the star button at the top green row. You’ll see that a star appears right next to the message. This means that the message has successfully stored.

You can access all the starred messages from a single location known as starred messages. Simply click on the three vertical dots and select the starred messages option. There you’ll see all of your important message that you need to deal with.

#26. Switch Off Media Auto-download To Save Data

When you install WhatsApp for the first time, the media is set to auto-download by default. This can consume a lot of data if you have joined a lot of groups on WhatsApp.

I guess you probably are in more than 2 maybe 5 groups in WhatsApp that constantly sends photos and videos. If you have a limited data plan then these kinds of media will consume all your data. You can avoid this situation by simply switching off the automatic media download feature.

Go to Settings–>Data and storage usage–>Media auto-download

switch off media auto download

Select your desired media that you wish to download as soon as it is received. Deselect the option that you don’t want to download.

untick all the options

#27. Change Whatsapp Chat Background

I know, that you probably know about this, but there are some people that are not so familiar with WhatsApp features.

For those of you, who knows about this can jump to the next trick.

So, to change the chat background, simply go to any chat. Click on the three vertical dots. Select the wallpaper option and navigate to your gallery to choose a photo. Adjust the photo and hit done.

Now you’ll see that your chat background has been changed. This background remains consistent across all of your chats.

#28. Share Your Live Location With Your Loved Ones

Suppose you came to a new city to meet your friends. You can share your exact location with your friends so that they can come and pick you up.

To use this feature simply go to the chat and click on the attach icon. Select the location option and choose the Share live location option.

share your live location on whatsapp

Make sure you have your GPS enabled and have allowed your WhatsApp to access your location. If not, it will ask you for location permission, simply click on allow.

Now, depending on the time frame that you have set (15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours) and your Internet and GPS is enabled, your friends will get your live location.

live location on whatsapp share with your friends

Isn’t that awesome?

If you want to stop sharing your location simply click on stop button.

#29. Send Fake Location

So, now you know how to send your real-time location. But what if you want to prank your friends?!

Here is the trick to do this, it is very simple and quick.

1. Go to play store and install the turbo VPN app.

2. After installing open the app and connect to a server other than your country.

3. Once connected, you can go to your chat and see your live location.

You’ll see that your location is completely different from where you are right now.

This trick can be used to prank your friends. Try this, change your location to a foreign country and then send your live location to your friends, and notice their reactions and have fun. Among all the other whatsapp tricks, this trick is the best to prank your friends.

#30. Move WhatsApp To SD Card.

If you are facing a problem with WhatsApp, you can try moving your WhatsApp to your SD card. These trick especially for those people who have less phone space.

Unfortunately, for this trick to work you have the first root your phone.

So, root your phone first and then install the app called System App Remover from Google Play.

Then open the app manager inside it and select WhatsApp, then click on move to sd card option. The whole of your data will be moved to your SD card. This trick will also benefit you if you want to change your phone and want to have all of your data on the new phone.

#31. Clear All Your WhatsApp Chats In A Single Click

If you are WhatsApp freak then you already have lot’s of groups joined already. You know that these groups send lot’s of messages all day. Probably you receive hundreds or even thousands of messages in groups.

So, if your phone is lagging and your phone memory is running out try deleting all your chats.

Settings–>Chats–>Chat history–>Clear all chats and select clear all messages.

clear all whatsapp chats in a single click

Tick the option Delete media from my phone if you want to also delete the media like audio, video, photos etc.

#32. Change Name And icon

With Icon Changer you can change the name or icon of your Whatsapp. No root is required to use this app. Simply, install the app and follow the steps to change the icon and name.

1. Open the Icon Changer app.

2. Choose the WhatsApp app from the application menu.

3. Choose an icon from an icon pack or use an image from the gallery.

change name and icon of whatsapp app

4. Change the name of the app if you want to hit OK.

#33. Flush All WhatsApp Data With A Single Click

If you are having a problem using the Whatsapp app you can reinstall the app. Even better you can choose to clear data in the settings to make WhatsApp as it was installed the first time.

Simply go to Settings–>Application Manager–>Whatsapp–>Storage–>Clear Data.

flush whatsapp data in one click

This will clear all the WhatsApp data including all the chats and media. Your WhatsApp will look like you have newly installed it.

#34. Delete Useless Media In WhatsApp From One Place

Ever got your phone memory filled with a lot of junk photos?

I guess yes.

I found an app called clean for WhatsApp which can be downloaded from play store.

Delete Useless Media In WhatsApp From One Place

With this, you can easily see all of your WhatsApp photos, video, audio, and other documents in one place. This app is like a file manager but for just WhatsApp.

You can then delete all the useless photos, videos from a single place. You can see how much space does the different media files are using.

#35. Restore Deleted Media Files

To be frank, I didn’t know that we can recover our deleted media files. But I found this trick online. I found that some files that I have deleted from WhatsApp itself were still there in the media folder of Whatsapp.

trick to restore deleted media files in whatsapp

With this trick, you can get your deleted media files back even if you don’t have the manual backup.

Simply go to WhatsApp–>Media–>Sent (here you’ll find the sent images)

restore deleted media files trick

Go to WhatsApp–>Media–>Sent2 (all the videos will be here that you sent)

WhatsApp–>Media–>Sent3 (the audio files will be in this folder)

#36. Quote A Message From Chat

Want to reply to a specific message inside a chat? Simply use the quote feature to target a message inside a chat.

Simply select the message and click on the left arrow button on the top.

quote a message in a chat

Write your message and hit send.

quoting a message in whatsapp chat

I know, this is a simple trick, but I want to share it because I want all of us on the same page.

#37. Quote A Message From Group

Select the message that you want to reply. From the option choose to reply privately.

quote a message froma a group

And there you have it.

#38. Edit Your Photos And Videos

If you don’t have any video or photo editing software installed, you can use this trick to edit them easily.

editing photos in whatsapp

Although you don’t get a lot’s of editing functionalities you still have basic features. Such as trimming the video, putting text on the video, and adding stickers.

editing videos in whatsapp

For photos, you can crop the photo, rotate it, and add text and stickers to it.

#39. Compress Photo And Videos

You don’t know this but WhatsApp automatically compresses the photo or video when you send it.

So whenever you want to reduce the size of a photo or a video simply send it to your private store.

It will be then compressed and you can download that file and have a look at the size difference.

#40. Hide Photos Videos From Gallery

All of your WhatsApp images and videos are shown inside your gallery by default. Sometimes we don’t want to show our personal WhatsApp images and videos inside the gallery. So what you can do is to hide the folder. No, you don’t need to install any app to make the folder hidden.

hide whatsapp photos and videos from gallery

Simply put the . (dot) in front of the folder that you want to hide. Then look at your gallery, you’ll see that the folder has disappeared. To make the folder unhidden simply remove the . (dot) in front of the folder name.

#41. Send your message in the new font in Whatsapp

Now you know about bold, italic and strikethrough font. Here is a new font that you can try. Enclose your message between “`message“`. You’ll see that the font has changed by itself.

send your message in the new font in whatsapp

#42. Lock Your WhatsApp Chats with A PIN

There are many apps in the play store that allows you to set pin on the WhatsApp app itself. But do you know that you can set a pin on a single chat too?

For this trick, you have to use an app called Locker For Whatsapp.

Download and install the app on your phone then add the chats that you want to lock.

whatsapp trick to lock your whatsapp chats with a pin

Set your pin and now onward your chat will be locked with a pin. Not the whole WhatsApp app itself but the specific chat.

#43. Invite Friends To Your Group Just By Sending A Link

You can now create an invite link to your group. Then share the link to with your contacts to increase your group members. This trick is also best when you have created a new group and you want to promote it.

invite friends to whatsapp group just by sending a link

Create an invitation link and ask your friends and family members to share that link. This way you can increase the chances of getting more group members.

#44. Use Whatsapp On Browser

This trick is very basic and you might already know it, but some of you might don’t.

To use WhatsApp on your browser simply go to web.whatsapp.com.

Then from your smartphone click on the 3 dots and choose the WhatsApp web option. Scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen and it will get synched.

To use this feature you have to take care that you have an Internet connection on your phone. Otherwise, this trick won’t work.

#45. Send A Message To Multiple People At Once

At various festivals, we want to send the same message to different persons. Either you can choose to send the message one by one or you can use this trick.

Click on 3 dots icon to expand the options. Choose the new broadcast option. Then select your contacts to send the message and hit the green tick mark.

Now send your message and all of the broadcast users will receive the message separately.

#46. Get Your Official Whatsapp Report Card

It kinda sounds funny that you can get a “report card” for your WhatsApp usage.

Simply go to  SettingsàAccountàRequest account infoàRequest Report.

#47. Notify All contacts of the number change

Whatsapp allows us to change our number without having to delete the account. But sometimes it feels very frustrating to tell all of our contacts that our number has been changed.

To solve this problem you can select the option to notify my contacts while changing your number. This will notify all of your contacts that your number has been changing, so you don’t have to keep telling everybody that you got your number changed.

#48. Media Visibility

You can use the above trick to hide your specific types of files from the gallery. One more trick to hide your WhatsApp media files from the gallery is to just turn off the media visibility.

Go to Settings–>Chats–>Media visibility

Untick the checkbox.

#49. Send Messages Even If Blocked

For this trick, you have to create a temporary WhatsApp account. You can’t message to someone if your WhatsApp number is blocked. But what you can do is create a temporary WhatsApp account.

Install the app text now on your smartphone.

Login with your Gmail id and you’ll get a free phone number.

Use parallel space for running two WhatsApp on the same phone and verify the new number that you have got from the textnow app.

Then you can send messages to blocked contacts.

#50. Use Personalized Notifications For Family Group

Go to your group info section and choose the custom notifications option. Here you can customize the group notifications.

use custom notifications for family whatsapp group

Suppose if you have a family group then you can set a different notification tone. So every time you get that different tone you know that the message is from your family group.

#51. Send Messages fast

Go to Settings–>Chats–>Enter is send

Tick this option and now your enter key will become the send key. By default, the enter key takes you to the next line. But by using this trick you can convert the enter key to send key. This way you can send messages quickly.

Rundown: 51 Unknown Whatsapp Tricks

I hope you like these WhatsApp tricks. Many of these tricks are not known by common people, by reading this post you get to know all of the hidden WhatsApp tricks.

If you liked the post please share it with your friends. Also, subscribe to notification by clicking on the bell icon.

Enjoy! 🙂


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